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Setting up a postnatal group – Guest post by Sarah Ballard

Sarah Ballard, a birth and postnatal doula in Cheltenham shares her experiences of setting up a postnatal group, first shown on her website. Having always had an interest in positive birth experiences for all, believing in the small differences of care and treatment women receive led me become a doula. I used a doula myself… Read more »

Babywearing – Guest post from Wear My Baby

  Hannah Wallace, owner of Wear My Baby, one of the UK’s leading babywearing consultancies and online stores and mother of two from Tooting explains the appeal of her service and the benefits of babywearing. Babywearing is an incredible parenting tool. All parents carry their babies and children in their arms. Using a sling simply means… Read more »

What to do if a baby is choking – Guest Post from First Aid For Life

Emma Hammett, from First Aid For Life, discusses how to help a choking baby. Choking is extremely common and very frightening but in most cases, with the right help, the casualty will make a full recovery. Babies can choke on anything small enough to fit through a loo roll. To Prevent Choking: Keep small objects out… Read more »

What’s normal anyway – a video blog

Sophie Brigstocke explores the media furore around midwives having to back down over promoting “normal birth”, the history behind the press reports and what we mean by normal birth.  What is more important to consider and how can we all work collaboratively? Come and talk to us at Click here to watch Sophie’s video… Read more »

Breastfeeding support and antenatal preparation – a video blog

Sophie discusses some of the challenges facing breastfeeding mothers and how getting qualified support and information can help.  She looks at what can be done antenatally to prepare, including expression of colostrum.  In celebration of International Breastfeeding Week 2017 she highlights how much amazing free support there is available to women via the charitable organisations… Read more »

It’s hot, hot hot! Keeping babies cool in hot weather – a video blog

It’s been unbelievably hot in the UK this week – how are you managing to keep your babies cool, happy and hydrated? Sophie busts a couple of myths and gives some alternative suggestions for keeping cool.   If you like this blog you might like some of our others – did you watch Sophie comparing… Read more »

Wonder Women – doulas are superhuman! A video blog

Sophie explores the superhuman qualities of doulas in this video blog.  For more information about doulas visit or contact us at

Where to give birth – a video blog

What questions have you asked yourselves about where to give birth?  What options have you considered?  Sophie talks about environment for birth, how a doula will support a couple in making the right choice for them and why home might not be a silly idea Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions… Read more »

Dads and doulas – a video blog

Today we chat about how a doula works with a Dad (male birth partner) during the labour, and how a doula’s role differs from the midwife’s. To find a doula visit or contact us

Pain in childbirth – a video blog

Sophie Brigstocke talks about pain in childbirth, how the media doesn’t help and different comfort measures available to women and their partners. For more information about doulas or to find a doula to support you go to