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Comedian James Mullinger talks about the birth of his children with doula support – a guest blog

As doulas it is incredibly special when a client chooses to write a testimonial talking about their positive experience. In this testimonial comedian James Mullinger talks about the difference doula support made to him and his wife. My wife and I decided to work with a doula because we wanted the birth of our first… Read more »

The challenges of being a doula – a video blog

A rather tired Sophie talks about some of the challenges of being a doula, being on call and having to drop everything at a moment’s notice to attend a birth. For Sophie’s thoughts on why doulas are like Wonder Woman click here! To find a doula to support your birth visit the Nurturing Birth Directory

Choosing not to have my partner in the birth room – a guest blog by Antonia Wise-Stewart

This week we are grateful to Antonia Wise-Stewart, founder of Mumvoice (uniting mothers using the power of writing and blogs), for sharing her story of deciding to birth without her partner present, and how doula support made for a fantastic second birth experience. “I am the only one of my friends that has ever chosen… Read more »

Vaginal Gandalf – descriptions of doulas on TV and Film

2018 – 17 years since Doula UK was founded, nearly 10 years after the establishment of the largest American doula organisation, DONA, and doulas are now appearing on mainstream TV programmes and films, so we thought it would be fun to share some of the recent viewings! For those who are fans of the Pitch… Read more »

Top tips to prepare for a safe car journey – a guest blog from First Aid for Life

Emma Hammett from First Aid For Life talks about preparing for car journeys and references important information about child and baby safety.   Between June 2016 – June 2017 there were 27,130 people killed or seriously injured as the result of road accidents. One way that we can attempt to curb these shockingly high figures is… Read more »

How to have a baby – guest post by Natalie Meddings

We are thrilled that Nurturing Birth doula Natalie Meddings has published her book, How To Have a Baby! Here she shares some thoughts with us about the current birth situation Messages about birth at the moment are over-miserable. Newly negative in a way that is troubling. We’d got clear on it all once – several… Read more »

Setting up a postnatal group – Guest post by Sarah Ballard

Sarah Ballard, a birth and postnatal doula in Cheltenham shares her experiences of setting up a postnatal group, first shown on her website. Having always had an interest in positive birth experiences for all, believing in the small differences of care and treatment women receive led me become a doula. I used a doula myself… Read more »

Babywearing – Guest post from Wear My Baby

  Hannah Wallace, owner of Wear My Baby, one of the UK’s leading babywearing consultancies and online stores and mother of two from Tooting explains the appeal of her service and the benefits of babywearing. Babywearing is an incredible parenting tool. All parents carry their babies and children in their arms. Using a sling simply means… Read more »

What to do if a baby is choking – Guest Post from First Aid For Life

Emma Hammett, from First Aid For Life, discusses how to help a choking baby. Choking is extremely common and very frightening but in most cases, with the right help, the casualty will make a full recovery. Babies can choke on anything small enough to fit through a loo roll. To Prevent Choking: Keep small objects out… Read more »

What’s normal anyway – a video blog

Sophie Brigstocke explores the media furore around midwives having to back down over promoting “normal birth”, the history behind the press reports and what we mean by normal birth.  What is more important to consider and how can we all work collaboratively? Come and talk to us at Click here to watch Sophie’s video… Read more »