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Continuity of Care – a basic right for women in labour

Isn’t it devastating that this country STILL can’t provide women with the most basic of requirements when it comes to having a baby? It’s nearly a year on from the National Maternity Review which highlighted the importance of continuity of care for women in labour. A further report, release this week, by the NCT and… Read more »

Independent Midwives removed from NMC Register – Nurturing Birth statement

Nurturing Birth is disappointed to hear that Independent Midwives at IMUK have been prevented from supporting their clients due to the NMC opinion that there is insufficient indemnity insurance in place. Whilst the IMUK and NMC work towards resolving this issue, which we hope will be a swift process, we would encourage anyone who would… Read more »

Finding my way back to me – looking depression in the eye. Guest post by Joo Teoh, Acupuncturist

It comes in waves. Some short. Only a few moments. A few words of a short internal monologue. Maybe a few sentences. Potent. Sharp. Sometimes they sweep me far out. They take me under and keep me submerged, eyes wide open throughout. I don’t struggle. I have learnt not to struggle. I have learnt that… Read more »

Yet another celebrity pregnancy …

Not a week goes by without speculation as to whether a particular woman in the public eye is pregnant.  The current focus is Cheryl (no surname necessary!)  I don’t blame her for not confirming whether she is or isn’t pregnant as the media circus is just that … a circus.  Who wants to be pregnant and… Read more »

Does Having Children Make You Happier? Guest post by Izzy McCrae

First of all – I’m not a parent.  I’ve always wanted to become one, but it’s taken me a long time to find my guy.  Now I’ve finally found him (hurrah!), we’ve started to have the odd conversation about the future and having kids. So after wanting them for so long, I’m finally faced with… Read more »

Sleep training on You and Yours, BBC Radio 4

          Sleep deprivation is known as a form of torture so it is not surprising to hear parents talking on the You and Yours programme about how lack of sleep has such an impact on mental wellbeing and relationships.  From the doula perspective we want to see families given much more… Read more »

Sharing beds and sharing information with parents – Guest post by Emma Pickett, IBCLC

Emma is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and is listed on our Nurturing Birth directory – she has been working in breastfeeding support since 2005 Why is it that a double bed (preferably king-size) is the norm for married couples when it comes to sleeping? Certainly some co-habiting couples choose other arrangements but generally we accept… Read more »

Sleeping Through the Night?

I was just scrolling through my junk emails this evening and came across one from the retailer Next – “Baby milestones – Celebrate their memorable moments and more”.  The main image is of the most adorable baby wearing a long sleeved vest emblazoned with “I slept through the night”.  It made me want to cry…. Read more »

The myth of the “late” baby

A big shout out to the gorgeous @coral.atkinson who shared this photograph of her pregnant belly on Instagram yesterday in the hope that it is the last she posts before the arrival of her third baby.  She says, “Today I reached my due date, I was an emotional wreck all morning, gutted that even third… Read more »

Marketing yourself – the challenges of being self-employed!

Establishing yourself in business is nerve-wracking!  It’s one thing to complete a course in a subject about which you are passionate, or train in a therapy, but a whole different ballgame to acquire all the other skills that are necessary when starting a business.   We both became doulas because we were passionate about supporting… Read more »