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About Me
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  • I am a recognised Birth Doula covering SW London (including SW11, SW17, SW18, SW15, SW4, SW16, SE21, SE22, SW2, SW3, SW1, SW6, SW7, SW8, SW1) . I am registered with both Nurturing Birth and Doula UK. I live in London SW11 (near Clapham Junction). As a Birth Doula, my role is to support you before, during and after birth. I would see you for two antenatal sessions before the birth, firstly so that we can connect and to make sure you are comfortable, but also to cover any information about birth that you would want to cover. I tailor make each session to your needs. I would be on-call from 38 weeks until you have your baby, and I am all yours 24/7. I have a back-up who lives 5 minutes from me.
    I would be available by phone, text, and email during that time, and once you are in labour, I would be with you until you give birth, and afterwards to make sure you are comfortable and happy with feeding your baby. I would then come to visit you for 2 postnatal sessions to check on how you are doing with this new, amazing and sometimes overwhelming experience of having this new baby. If you would like more details, please do look at my website http://wandsworthdoula.co.uk
    I have been to births at St George’s, St Thomas’ Chelsea & Westminster, Kings and The Portland. I have attended both hospital and home births. I have also supported Mum’s during C Sections (so if your partner is squeamish – you can be sure you have support), VBAC’s and various medical issues.


    “Katie was a very kind, caring, and friendly lady. She gave me a lot of support and gained my trust in her. She felt like a friend after my first meeting with her. I was her first birth. I believe she was meant to do this job as she was so friendly and helpful.”
    Caroline . London

    “Katie was enthusiastic, supportive and helpful throughout. She considered our specific needs and desires and worked hard in applying all her experience and knowledge in helping us throughout the birth, even when we encountered difficulties.”
    Lisa. London.

    “It was so lovely to have you here during my home birth. Thanks to you my child’s birth was a wonderful experience. You will always be a part of our family and we wish you all the best.”
    Basia , London.

    “Katie was flexible ad reliable, kind and friendly. She was happy to sit and chat, but also very enthusiastic to help practically in any way. As it happened I didn’t need much help but I could tell she would have done so much more had it been required.”
    Helen. London

    “Katie was an invaluable and integral part of my birthing experience. I felt I could place my trust in her to have my best interests at heart and specific wishes conveyed at the hospital and her strong, yet caring nature enabled me to relax and concentrate on my labour. Meeting with her twice before meant that we created an understanding and rapport and the times that we met after were a wonderfully refreshing way of helping to release the pre-labour stress and wonder in what we had achieved. I would recommend Katie to anyone who wishes to have a Doula at their birth. She is so flexible and adaptable in her approach to each individual birth that you feel she just instinctively knows what you need.”
    Charlie – London.

    “We chose Katie as our Birth and Postnatal Doula. We had a wonderful experience with her before, during and after the birth. Katie was absolutely irreplaceable. Katie was a great comfort for my husband, she managed to keep him calm when needed. After the birth, he felt more comfortable going back to work knowing that Katie was home with me. I was looking for someone knowledgeable, calm, warm and understanding to help me through this emotional period in my life, and Katie was all that! My husband feels that hiring Katie as our Birth and Postnatal Doula was the best decision ever, and we feel very lucky that Katie’s personality was so much in tune with what we needed.”
    Daria. London.

    “After a lot of discussion with my husband over whether to have a Doula, we decided to go ahead and I’m so glad we did. I have a rare medical condition and Katie wasted no time researching it, contacting the relevant teams at St Thomas’s and arranging a meeting with the head midwife, all of which made a huge difference to the care I received at the hospital and my post-natal experience. She provided invaluable support and respite for me and my husband before, and during a long labour and helpful pre and post appointments. I’d definitely recommend Katie to friends and family who are expecting.”
    Jane, Clapham

    “Katie has a wonderful ability to develop a close relationship quickly, as she did with both me and my husband through our pre-birth meetings, and so we were confident we could rely on her.
    Katie’s presence during labour and our son’s birth proved to be invaluable, not least given under-staffing of the hospital! Katie sat with me through the night, helping me to remember Hypnobirthing relaxation techniques that I had been learning, and allowing my husband time to sleep for a while. Katie was also an excellent intermediary between us and the hospital staff, ensuring they knew our birth plan wishes, resulting in a very positive birthing experience for us all. It was also good to have the debriefing sessions after the birth, not least to be reminded of some of the key moments of the labour and birth. We would heartily recommend Katie to anyone considering having a Doula.”
    Judith , London

    “Katie was invaluable during my birthing experience and we don’t know what we would have done without her! Her support, experience and reassurance made the whole process more bearable, especially when we had problems at the hospital, being firm and making sure hospital staff knew what we needed. Before the birth Katie was also kind, friendly and open to what we wanted in terms of birthing plan, rather than pushing any “personal preferences”, likes or dislikes. We would certainly recommend Katie to anyone considering hiring a Doula and hopefully will hire her again when we think about the next one!”
    Marina , London.

    “Dear Katie, Thank you again for your great support during my pregnancy and my quick delivery of our beautiful girl Chloe. You were so important during my 5 intensive hours. I felt strong and very secure with you by my side. What a special day!”.
    Kristina, London.

    My decision to have a Doula present at the birth of my first child was a way of helping me manage my anxiety and ensure that my husband and I were able to have the best possible birth experience. I wasn’t quite sure how having Katie present at the birth would play out on the day – but come D-day, she was incredible! Needless to say my birth plan didn’t quite go how I hoped it would, but Katie did everything she could in challenging circumstances to keep me calm and focused. She provided much needed support to my husband as the labour progressed and acted as a professional advocate on my behalf when dealing with the medical staff. While baby no.2 is a little way away, I am absolutely certain I would want Katie to act as my birthing partner again..
    Amie, London

  • About Me:

    I have been married since 1998 and have 2 teenage children, who definitely keep me on my toes. I live in London SW11 -Wandsworth (just off Northcote Road).

    I had both a natural birth and an assisted birth, so have experienced both. I have always been passionate about pregnancy and birth and feel extremely honoured to be able to be present at such an intimate time.

  • Nurturing Birth Doula Course - December 2012
    Webinar - "Understanding & Communicating Birth Physiology" -
    Valerie Goedkoop - 18 Jan 2013
    Pediatric First Aid Course - 28 January 2013
    Breastfeeding London Study Day - 4th February 2013
    Kathryn Graves Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Course - 27 April 2013
    Sarah Buckley - Undisturbed birth & Ultrasound Safety - 21 Sept 2013
    NCT Water Birth Work Shop - 22 September 2013
    NCT Antenatal Class (Observation) - 22 September 2013
    NCT Refresher Group (Observation) - 8th/15th October 2013
    Supporting Women with Breech-Presenting Babies - November 2013
    Study Day with Michel Odent - 1st March 2014
    Men, Love & Birth - Mark Harris - 25th January 2016
    'Heads Up' Vaginal Breech Study Day - Michel Odent - 16th Feb 2016

  • About Me:

    I have been married since 1998 and have 2 teenage children, who definitely keep me on my toes. I live in London SW11 -Wandsworth (just off Northcote Road).

    I had both a natural birth and an assisted birth, so have experienced both. I have always been passionate about pregnancy and birth and feel extremely honoured to be able to be present at such an intimate time.