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  • To families experiencing loss I offer emotional and practical support at no charge.
    – Phone support
    – Face to face support
    – Being present at the birth as a Loss Birth Doula
    – Support at home in the weeks after loss as a Loss Post natal Doula

    To birth workers I offer emotional support and learning opportunities.
    – Phone support
    – Face to face support
    – ‘Supporting Every Birth’ workshop
    – Event speaking
    – Group training

    Pricing is flexible and dependent on your individual requirements.

    About me

    I am a relaxed mum of 5 who is passionate about supporting others in times of crisis. I care about women and families who experience baby loss and I choose to create spaces for them to share their story and find support. In offering time I encourage individuals to explore their own needs and to have confidence to follow their instincts.

    Having delivered four healthy babies (3 girls and 1 boy) my fifth baby died when I was 20 weeks pregnant. This experience of miscarriage deeply affected me and has given me an empathy for others who find themselves losing their baby. I am a volunteer for Miscarriage Association and run the Manchester support group.
    I have completed the Child Bereavement UK course ‘Supporting Parents Through Pregnancy Loss and Death of a Baby’..

    I endeavor to support in a releasing and empowering way that facilitates grieving. Whilst this often involves practical help I also offer emotional support, and am a good listener.

    As a birth and post natal doula I have attended both hospital and home births. Since training in 2007 I have been privileged to provide support for over 100 families. This includes supporting families suffering all stages of baby loss.

    I am Head of Mentoring for Nurturing Birth and also offer 1-2-1 mentoring Skype sessions for Doulas, birth workers and anyone involved in supporting loss.

    I am the writer and facilitator of “Supporting Every Birth”, an interactive workshop for health professionals and Doulas looking at supporting both clients and themselves through all birth journeys including baby loss.

  • About Me:
  • Nurturing Birth Initial doula training course Oct 2007
    Birth crisis workshop with Shelia Kitzinger
    Supporting parents through pregnancy loss and death of a baby - Child Bereavement Charity
    Author and facilitator of 'Supporting Every Birth' workshop

  • About Me: