Monthly Archives: January 2017

Embrace – body image and the postnatal mum


  This week Florence and I saw the film Embrace, made by photographer Taryn Brumfitt (see photo above) and the Body Image Movement. In it she described her hate-relationship with her body, particularly after she birthed three babies in a relatively short time. Having shared a couple of photographs of herself on social media, she… Read more »

Continuity of Care – a basic right for women in labour

Isn’t it devastating that this country STILL can’t provide women with the most basic of requirements when it comes to having a baby? It’s nearly a year on from the National Maternity Review which highlighted the importance of continuity of care for women in labour. A further report, release this week, by the NCT and… Read more »

Independent Midwives removed from NMC Register – Nurturing Birth statement

Nurturing Birth is disappointed to hear that Independent Midwives at IMUK have been prevented from supporting their clients due to the NMC opinion that there is insufficient indemnity insurance in place. Whilst the IMUK and NMC work towards resolving this issue, which we hope will be a swift process, we would encourage anyone who would… Read more »