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Pain in childbirth – a video blog

Sophie Brigstocke talks about pain in childbirth, how the media doesn’t help and different comfort measures available to women and their partners. For more information about doulas or to find a doula to support you go to

Oxytocin – the Power of Love!

For more information about doulas and to find a doula go to To find out more about Nurturing Birth doula courses visit To contact us email

Pregnancy Photography – guest post by Sarah Stirk

Bodies and baby bumps have always been a part of my life. I grew up in London in the 70’s with both my parents practicing yoga teachers. Our house was always full of anatomy charts, perineum herbs and circles of pregnant women exhaling, and I witnessed my first birth at the age of 9. My… Read more »

Wisdom and Freedom – A Birth Story

The power of story-telling is second to none when it comes to birth.  For many women there is a desire to share their stories with the world, to inspire women to have a similar birth, or more often to prevent them from experiencing the same.  At the end of January a new mum reached out… Read more »