Monthly Archives: October 2017

Babywearing – Guest post from Wear My Baby

  Hannah Wallace, owner of Wear My Baby, one of the UK’s leading babywearing consultancies and online stores and mother of two from Tooting explains the appeal of her service and the benefits of babywearing. Babywearing is an incredible parenting tool. All parents carry their babies and children in their arms. Using a sling simply means… Read more »

What to do if a baby is choking – Guest Post from First Aid For Life

Emma Hammett, from First Aid For Life, discusses how to help a choking baby. Choking is extremely common and very frightening but in most cases, with the right help, the casualty will make a full recovery. Babies can choke on anything small enough to fit through a loo roll. To Prevent Choking: Keep small objects out… Read more »