Independent Midwives removed from NMC Register – Nurturing Birth statement

Nurturing Birth is disappointed to hear that Independent Midwives at IMUK have been prevented from supporting their clients due to the NMC opinion that there is insufficient indemnity insurance in place. Whilst the IMUK and NMC work towards resolving this issue, which we hope will be a swift process, we would encourage anyone who would like more information on the subject to read the following statements:

Nursing and Midwifery Council

Independent Midwives UK

AIMS – scroll down the home page


Our thoughts are with the women and families whose plans for birth with an Independent Midwife have been disrupted.  As doulas and doula educators our main aim is to support women’s choice and this announcement seems to be a step backwards, especially in relation to the latest National Maternity Review, which highlights the importance of continuity of care.

If you are pregnant, and have been advised by your midwife that she is unable to support you then we hope you have been signposted towards different options.  Many doulas have volunteered to offer their support to women in this situation.  It is essential to say that a doula is NOT a medical practitioner and therefore would not be able to replace a midwife in a medical capacity. However, she may be able to offer invaluable emotional, practical and information support, helping you to navigate through the available options.  Most doulas will have a good knowledge of the local area and provision.

We will follow the situation closely and hope it is resolved swiftly.  We are available if anyone wants to discuss the issue further.  Contact us or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – @nurturing_birth