Charlotte Bailey

    I am a Doula. I am a mum. I am a sister. I am a friend. I am a Birthing-Badass, a Birth Warrior. I am a champion of women, of pregnant, labouring and postnatal Mamas; an enabler for new parents. I have been a Nanny, a Maternity Nurse, a Student Midwife, a Facilitator for Women’s Empowerment. I have been a stay-at-home mum, a work-at-home mum, an on-demand-breastfeeding mum, a stressed-out-and-sleep-deprived mum, a feeling-isolated-in-my-own-house mum, a my-life-has-turned-to-shit mum, a Postnatal Depression mum. I have been a single mum. I am now a very-happy-well-balanced mum. I am now a Birth Warrior Mum. Read more [...]

  • Francesca McCluskie

    I am delighted to now be called a doula after training through Nurturing Birth! I am a qualified chiropractor and craniosacral therapist and my passion is working with pregnant mums, newborns and children. I pride myself on offering a highly integrated approach to healthcare and so with the addition of ‘doula knowledge’ I feel honoured to able to encourage, empower and support women during this magical time.

  • Sarah Johnson

    I’m a highly experienced birth doula and postnatal doula. One of my clients memorably described my support at her birth as “like having my mum there – but without the emotional strings attached!” If that’s the sort of doula you want and you’re in the London area, then give me a call. In another life I was – still am, sometimes – a writer and journalist but over the years my passion for supporting women and couples through the birth and parenting journey just grew and grew. I love to keep up with current research and I’m forever taking courses Read more [...]

  • Tara Thompson

    Hi I’m Tara, the lucky mum of 3 little people, Seth (6), Eli (4) and Gracie (1) and I love all things Pregnancy, Birth & Baby. I am A Doula, HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Pregnancy/Postnatal Yoga Teacher and truly believe that when a woman is prepared for birth physically,mentally and emotionally she can experience birthing her baby with greater ease, comfort and joy, regardless of the type of birth. Every woman’s ideal birth looks different and yes birth can be unpredictable, but I do believe its essential to plan for Birth. I love educating women and their Birth Partners to help Read more [...]

  • Alessandra Massacci

    Hi, I’m Alex. I am an Antenatal, Birth and Postnatal Doula, Prenatal Aquamotricist, Maternal Personal Trainer and mum of a 6-years-old little girl. I believe that a mum is the most powerful human being in the world and I would love to be right next to every mum who needs support to become the wonderful mum she is meant to be.

  • Leslie Altic

    Pregnancy, birth and the journey to parenthood is an amazing life-changing experience and I am passionate about supporting women, and their families, through this period in a way that suits their needs and that is meaningful to them. I aim to provide every woman with non-judgemental support, both physical and emotional, and evidence-based information so that she feels empowered and confident in herself and her abilities, her body and her baby. This passion for my work stems from becoming a mother myself. Having experienced the stillbirth of my first baby, followed by two healthy, but extremely anxious rainbow pregnancies, I Read more [...]

  • Sally Frostick

    Hello 🙂 My name is Sally, mum to 4 amazing little humans and we live in sunny Essex. I cover the Dengie, Maldon and South Woodham area. I am a birth and postnatal doula ( mentored) with a mission/calling to help women experience the birth that’s right for them and importantly help them adjust to motherhood whether that’s the first time or the last time. My children range from 14 to 2 and they have taught me how every baby growing in the tummy is different and how they come into the world can be different. You as a mother Read more [...]

  • Rebecca Richardson

    Hi, I am a mother of 3 and had very different births with all of them. I am now a trained postnatal doula and have a real passion in helping mothers get on their feet and feel empowered about their new role.

  • Kate

    Hi there! I am Kate, I am a mum of six and I live on our farm in Warlingham, a lovely village that sits between South London, Surrey and Kent. I have had lots of different birth experiences, from vaginally delivered twins, homebirths, waterbirths, birth centre and hospital. It is through my own birth journeys (some positive, some not so much) that lit the fire in my belly to help other women. I am told I have a very positive energy that can be fun and uplifting but equally calming and reassuring. I wholeheartedly believe that a women has the Read more [...]