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  • Hello my name is Carolina and I’m a birth and postpartum doula, i’m free to meet and follow all kind of families and choices. Everything starts in what you want, your desires and preferences, we will start to have regular meetings to get to know each other and have a strong relantionship of trust, i will be for you through mobile phone/whatsup/messages to help you in what you need. I’m working in countryside of Algarve and i can organize for you a Babymoon weekend for you and your partner to have a couple of relaxing days (with massage for both and good food).

    About me
    I decide to be a Doula because during my pregnancy I had a Doula that help me to find all choices for my birth, help me to have confidence in me. After my childbirth I felt that the postpartum it’s so intense that we really need someone to help us, take care of us without judgements or trying to give you advices that you have to follow. So I become a Doula to help women to feel as I felt during my pregnancy and to help women at postpartum to not feel as I felt, alone, with hard times and doubting about my motherhood sense. I’m living between Algarve, Vila Real de Santo António and Lisbon, so if you are from Lisbon ou Algarve you are free to contact me and meet me.

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