Carla Pita Santos

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  • I offer Birth and Postnatal Doula services, and support to families who had been through losses, as well (regardless of being through loss/pregnant after a loss, or facing a loss)

    About me

    I am a mother of 2 beautiful boys, and have a awesome husband and we all live in Cascais (Lisbon/Portugal)

    I start working as a instructor for baby swimming classes in early 2008, and later on i finish the water aerobics training by CEF (centro de estudos de fitness), and also attended to some workshops related to water, like ai-chi at 2008 CEF convention.

    At the same time i worked as a nanny at KidsPlace, which is like day-care space at the gym i was working on, as a instructor.

    At 2012 me and my husband have decided to start working at home, so i could be 100% present for being a mom. We got pregnant and i have my eldest son at 2013, and my youngest at 2015.

    I had two completely different births, and i felt like a mission to empower other women (and families), so they could be heard and respected during pregnancy, birth and post-partum period.

    The opportunity came out, and i grab it; to become a Nurturing Birth Doula!

    After my Doula training i got myself in a Babywearing course as well, and i researched a lot about breastfeeding, but haven’t yet made a formal formation about it.

    Recently i attended to Michelle Every workshop “Supporting EveryBirth”, that gave me the tools i needed to support families facing a loss, or that are pregnant after having a loss.
    Supporting families with the story of losses was a goal i have for a long time, after facing myself a loss in 2012.

    I am also passionate about Nature and it’s Rites, about Vegetarianism, and Life!

    Above it all, i am a dreamer, and my biggest dream is to build a better world. There is no better way to do that, then doing it by giving something from us to the world.

  • Nurturing Birth Doula training