• Carolina Coimbra

    Hello my name is Carolina and I’m a birth and postpartum doula, i’m free to meet and follow all kind of families and choices. Everything starts in what you want, your desires and preferences, we will start to have regular meetings to get to know each other and have a strong relantionship of trust, i will be for you through mobile phone/whatsup/messages to help you in what you need. I’m working in countryside of Algarve and i can organize for you a Babymoon weekend for you and your partner to have a couple of relaxing days (with massage for both Read more [...]

  • Yasmin Aly

    Hi! I’m Yasmin, mama to Andre and founder of ConsultMyBaby.com – By Yasmin. I am a full spectrum doula (ie. the entire spectrum of life until death) based in North London and I have a particular passion for helping women who are: – Pregnant and giving birth – Pregnant and going through loss, miscarriage or abortion – Pregnant and wanting support following a traumatic previous birth I support mums who birth at home, in the hospital or birth centre, vaginally or via c-section and am very passionate about supporting women who are wanting a VBAC/ HBAC. Aside from my doula Read more [...]

  • Emilie Joy Rowell

    Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga, Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage, Postnatal Doula and Active Birth Preparation courses in central Brighton. About me Emilie has a wealth of knowledge and a down to earth attitude. She qualified as an antenatal teacher and doula in 2008 with Relaxed Birth and Parenting and has since trained with Michel Odent, Nurturing Birth, Sheila Kitzinger and Stephanie Larson as well as completing pregnancy and postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Nadia Narain at Triyoga. She offers parents a positive approach to birth and life with a new baby. Her classes covers all the essentials for birthing at home Read more [...]