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Listing Category: Birth Photography

  • Hello, I’m Jo Robertson, owner of Lillian Craze Birth Photography.  I’m so happy you’ve discovered birth photography and want to find out more!
    I love all aspects of birth from the moment you discover two blue lines to the day you hold your baby for the first time after nine long months.
    Birth photography is providing photographic coverage of your labour, birth and post-partum. These are moments that can not be rehearsed, paused, or reproduced. It only happens ONCE.
    Hiring a professional birth photographer means that this moment is preserved for a lifetime. I am based in South Wales and surrounding areas.
    Do you love the idea of having your birth photographed but the thought of having a photographer present at your birth worries you? Let me reassure you. You are not alone.
    This is a common worry and so I make it my priority to arrange a time to meet and talk about your concerns. I understand that we all have different comfort levels, and you have my word that I will only document moments from your birth that you are comfortable with. I am respectful of your birth space and other birth workers at all times.
    Once booked I will secure your due date and will go on call for you from 38 weeks until your baby arrives. I have a limited amount of births I take on per month so that I constantly produce my best work. I take my time perfecting each image during the editing process ensuring each image is presented and viewed by you to the very best standard possible.
    If you’re drawn to my style of work, and you love the idea of having your birth photographed by me, I would love to hear from you!!!
    Visit my website for more information:

    “I was really excited to have a photographer be at the birth but started to doubt it as we got close to the due date. During the labor, which was a long one, I didn’t want a lot of people around so I wasn’t sure about having a photographer but I also didn’t want to regret not having her. I was so glad that we called Jo. She was very respectful of our space and made sure she wasn’t in our way. I knew she was around but I was in my own zone. She kept aligned with keeping the space peaceful. She is just a beautiful spirit. I absolutely love all the photos I got from her. I’m so grateful that she was able to capture the special moments my daughter was born, Thank you Jo!!!”
    Liza Lim

    About Me

    I’m a wife and a mum to two gorgeous boys. Life can be manic, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I specialise in birth photography, and exclusively just photograph births and post-partum.
    I wear my socks inside out, and 9 times out of 10 they are odd! My true weakness is chocolate, despite living along a beautiful coastline I loathe sand (it seems to get everywhere!)
    All my work is lovingly edited and transformed into black and white. For me, this is the perfect platform for great storytelling.
    I adore working with women who love all things related to birth, who love life and are completely content and happy in their skin.
    I am 100% fully insured which is peace of mind for us both.
    I am a very proud member of the Positive Birth Movement and fully support women on their journey to motherhood.

    You can also find me here:

    “I have never heard of anyone regretting hiring a birth photographer, but I have heard from plenty who have regretted not hiring one”

  • A long time ago I obtained a BA Hons in Photography

    My work has been featured in Juno Magazine, The Western Mail, The Huffington post and a few other other online sites.

    I am also a proud member of The International Assiocation of Birth Photography.