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  • My Name is Eleanor (most people call me Els).
    I was born in 1974 and married Jim in 1999. We have 3 children, Emily, Thomas and Dominic (Born in 2000, 2002, and 2005).We live on the Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire border.
    I spent the first 14 years of my working life, until 2008 in the recruitment industry.  I believe this has developed my natural ability to listen to what people want and then to support them to try and achieve it…very much like a doula.
    Since becoming a doula I have attended over 100 births and have supported dozens of families with their new babies.

    I started offering the night nanny service when my children got a bit older as so many clients asked if I would help at night.
    I first heard the word doula, from a friend who lives in Greece and had one at the birth of her first child. This is actually where the word originated from, meaning ‘slave’, but I don’t think that conveys the full role of the modern-day doula.
    I believe that the most important thing for a pregnant and labouring woman, and her partner, is to be treated with empathy, kindness and respect. This means really listening to the woman and taking on board her wishes, and reassuring her all the way so that her confidence in herself will grow, so that whatever type of birth she will have in the end, she will have a positive experience and memory of it.
    I do believe natural birth is what a woman’s body is capable of, but also recognise you may be fearful of the birth and questioning of your ability to cope.  I aim to provide the continuous physical, emotional and practical support before, during and after childbirth to ensure you will have the best possible birth experience.
    From my own experience, I know how different types of treatment can make a huge difference to the woman’s perception of her labour, which will stay with her for years. Post natal support is the continuation of the Birth experience and can dramatically impact your early memories of parenthood. I offer support from 8 hours a day to a few hours a week, depending on your needs, every client is different and there is no right or wrong in the level you require.

  • I have a Bsc in Biology, 3 children and have supported over 100 births and dozens of couples postnatally. I attended the Nurturing Birth Preparation Course, went through a mentorship period with Doula Uk and since have attended CPD courses every year. The courses are varied and wide ranging to appeal to my interests and benefit my clients, for example Waterbirth, Breastfeeding, Spinning babies, Aromatherapy for Birth, Active birth, Hypnotherapy

  • Testimonials:

    Eleanor has been absolutely fantastic. My twins love her and I've gained so much from having her here to help me. Not just in help with looking after my babies while I get some much needed sleep but also with all her experience in how to look after them, get them to sleep, what to feed them etc. As a single mum it is great to have someone else to talk to about the babies in minute detail!
    Sarah, Single Mum to Twins,  
    I can't recommend Els enough as a doula. She was amazing, helping me through contractions with reflexology and encouragement, and encouraging my husband. She was there to the end (a long time) and still met us with a cuddle and a warm friendly smile. She looked after me and my husband so well it was like having my best friend there with me.  Lou and Andy  (1st baby)
    Eleanor was brilliant from our first meeting, she made no judgement on my birth plan & requirements. She supported us all through the birth, gave me peace of mind that my birth preferences would be listened to during the birth and gave reassurance to my husband.
    Helen and Alex  (2nd Baby)
    Having Eleanor with me as my doula led to such  an incredibly positive experience of labour. It helped resolve so many residual issues from my previous traumatic experience. I will be eternally grateful.
    During my labour Eleanor was an absolute rock! It seemed she knew exactly what I needed - emotionally and physically - from start to finish. I honestly couldn't have done it with out her.
    Sylvie and Jason  (2nd baby)
    Thank you so much for your wisdom, love and support, for your strength and spirit, for your energy, for your presence. You inspired me to find the strength within to birth our beautiful son, by your constant encouragement and unfailing breaths of deep rhythm.
     Verity and Stu  (2nd child, home waterbirth)
    I don't know what to say except thank you. From start to finish you were reassuring, professional, friendly and good humoured. It wouldn't have been anywhere near as positive an experience without your guidance and experience....it was amazing.
    Vicky and Chris (1st baby)