Natasha Mead

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    About me

    I’m Natasha and I live in Bristol with my partner and our two babies.

    In the last three years I’ve had two pregnancies, two births, two babies and two breastfeeding journeys.

    I attempted to birth my first baby, Raymond, in the birthing pool at Cossham Birth Centre but he got stuck so was eventually delivered by emergency forceps at Southmead Hospital.  My second baby, Esme, was born in the pool at Cossham Birth Centre.

    I have always been fascinated by pregnancy and birth and assumed that after I had my babies that would go away.  But it didn’t!  So after spending most of my working life in ethical/sustainable banking, I returned to work following my last maternity leave and realised that it was time to follow my dream of working closer with mums and babies – as well as utilise some of the experience I’ve gained throughout my own journey over the last few years.

    So I completed the Nurturing Birth Doula Preparation Course and am now starting my mentoring program with Nurturing Birth. I am also training to become a breastfeeding peer supporter.

    I love to craft and run my own small handmade nursery décor business, ‘Ray’s Room’.  I offer all doula clients 30% off Ray’s Room purchases with an exclusive discount code.

    Regardless of my preferences and experiences, as a doula, I am there to support and empower women and families to have and enjoy whatever birth or parenting journey they choose.  And just as importantly to offer support when things don’t go exactly as planned.

    As a birth and postnatal doula I cover Bristol and  near surrounding areas.  Contact me for confirmation of whether I’m able to support you in your area or if there’s any way I can support you remotely.

    As a mentored doula my fees are currently reduced until I complete my mentoring programme.

  • Nurturing Birth Doula Preparation Course