Nicki Burnett

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Listing Category: Antenatal Teacher and Doula

  • I believe that every person deserves a positive birth experience and am passionate about supporting women and all birthing people while they achieve that.
    A positive experience means different things to different people and I believe that there is no right way to give birth. I enjoy discussing birth physiology, active birth and being able to support all in their choices surrounding birth.
    I believe that the immediate period after birth is as important as the birth itself. This time and space needs to be protected if at all possible and those first hours and days of a babies life are so important in establishing breastfeeding and bonding between the new parents and their child
    I have experience with more complex pregnancies, existing health conditions, Autistic parents, tokophobia and working with multidisciplinary teams such as consultant obstetricians, social workers and health visitors.

  • 2014 – Member of Doula UK
    2014 – Nurturing Birth Doula course completed
    2016- Real baby milk breastfeeding peer supporter training
    2017- Attended Doula UK Annual conference including a talk from Ina May Gaskin
    2017- Perinatal mental health workshop
    2017- Became a Doula UK recognised birth doula
    2017- Completed Antenatal wisdom’s advanced post graduate diploma in Antenatal education to become a FEDANT accredited Antenatal teacher.
    ​2018- Launched St Austell Positive birth movement group
    2018- Working with the Local maternity systems on developing their Transformation plan and implementing Better births
    2018- Became Vice chair for our local Maternity Voices partnership
    2018- Spectrum of normal study day. Supporting normality in complex pregnancies in a hospital environment.
    2019- I'm Fine, perinatal mental health training
    2019- Let's Talk birth conference
    2019- Birth environment module- All4Maternity