Leslie Altic

Listing Category: Antenatal Teacher, Doula, and Hypnobirthing Teacher

  • Pregnancy, birth and the journey to parenthood is an amazing life-changing experience and I am passionate about supporting women, and their families, through this period in a way that suits their needs and that is meaningful to them. I aim to provide every woman with non-judgemental support, both physical and emotional, and evidence-based information so that she feels empowered and confident in herself and her abilities, her body and her baby.
    This passion for my work stems from becoming a mother myself. Having experienced the stillbirth of my first baby, followed by two healthy, but extremely anxious rainbow pregnancies, I know how precious the time around pregnancy and birth is and how crucial it is to have support around you. A positive birth experience is a memory that every mother will carry with them, and it helps to ease the transition to motherhood and positively impacts the postnatal period – every woman deserves to have a positive experience.
    As well as working as a birth and postnatal doula, I am also a qualified antenatal educator, KGHypnobirthing practitioner and Rewind practitioner. I am very active in local maternity services, campaigning for improvements in maternity care, as well as volunteering with a local parenting charity, local maternal mental health charity and Sands NI. In any way that I can, I want to ensure that women and their families are fully supported to have their birth, their way.

  • Nurturing Birth Doula Training Course March 2018
    Birthing Awareness Training, MAM 3-Step Rewind Process February 2019
    KGHypnobirthing Teachers Training Course June 2019
    NCT/University of Worcester Birth & Beyond Antenatal Practitioner Training July 2019

  • Testimonials:

    'Leslie is a wonderful doula, and without doubt her working alongside us made a dramatic and positive difference to our experience of labour and birth. Her priority was to understand what we were experiencing, what we hoped for, and how she could support us. She was caring, knowledgeable, sensitive and a great listener. She gave us valuable advice and emotional support both as we prepared, on the day, and even afterwards in her follow-up visit.'
    'Discussing our birth preferences with Leslie helped us to decide what kind of birth experience we wanted, and gave us the confidence to discuss our wishes with medical staff. We believe that her support and faith in us put us in a strong position to have the natural birth that we wanted. On the day, we were lucky that things worked out as we had hoped, but having her beside us also made us feel better able to tackle the situation, however it unfolded.'