Sarah Mosier

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Listing Category: Babywearing Consultant and Doula

  • I am a British America mother of 3. I came to the doula world from my own experience with a wonderful doula who helped my family and I tremendously for the birth of my last child. Her calm happy energy was so powerful for me that I felt that more people should be able to have the ability for someone to be there as a sounding board, calm reassurance, and positive energy before during and after birth. To pursue this I attended the gurus of all things birth Michel Odent and Lilianna Lammers doula course and gained my accredited status (for Doula UK) with the fabulous Kicki Hansard’s course. I also had the joy of attending a lactation/breastfeeding course with Indira Lopez Bassols.
    The courses indeed have an effect on the thoughts and feelings I had about the process and outcome of my own birthing experiences. It did make me wish I had had the glorious knowledge of what a doula was and what could be accomplished by understanding physiological birth and how very doable it is/was much ealier than my last child!
    Knowledge is power and I do feel a tremendous need to pass on knowledge and therefore assist a couple in finding the right path for the happiest and safest birth for them.

  • Birth Bliss Doula trained 2014 (Doula UK recognised birth Doula and mentored postnatal)
    Peer support baby wearing trained 2016