Caroline Zwierzchowska-Dod

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Listing Category: Doula

  • Doula Mama Baba celebrates the partnership between parents and their doula to help support the birth and care of a new baby.

    I am Caroline, an independent birth and postnatal doula working in North/East London, Essex, Herts and Cambridgeshire. I have experience supporting parents of singletons and of twins both at home and in hospital, including support for families experiencing neonatal intensive care.

    I can offer support antenatally, through labour and birth or postnatally, or for a combination of these stages.

    I love supporting families of all kinds through the experience of childbirth and beyond, and can offer particular assistance in helping older children to participate in welcoming the new arrival as well as tips on ensuring family pets are happy and ready to meet baby.

    I combine emotional and practical support with evidence-based information for new parents and families.

    Doula Mama Baba – with you every step of the way.

  • Doula preparation course with Developing Doulas
    Maternity Nurse Postnatal Training with BabyEm
    Waterbirth study day
    Twins and more training
    Loving the Multiple Mama training
    Breastfeeding Peer Supporter
    Trainee Breastfeeding Counsellor
    Spinning Babies training
    Closing the Bones Massage training
    Baby-Led Weaning Parent course
    European Doula Conference 2017
    VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarean) Supporter training
    Member of Doula UK (mentored status)
    Bachelor and Masters degrees in Education
    Paediatric First aid qualification
    Enhanced DBS police check
    Food Handling Level 2
    Public Liability insurance to £5 million

  • Testimonials:

    Caroline is everything I imagined I would want from a doula: supportive, caring and knowledgeable. She really went that extra mile beforehand to ensure we were totally comfortable and prepared for the home birth of our first child, taking the time to know our birth plan, understanding our wishes and I 100% trusted her to be on hand with support and expert advice on the big day.
    Our baby came 11 days early and Caroline was there with us immediately, honestly I can't imagine my labour without her, she knew exactly what to do and because the midwives came quite late it was Caroline who me and partner leaned on literally for everything from the start of my labour, communicating with the midwives and up to tucking us up in bed with our beautiful baby boy in the early hours.
    I couldn't recommend Caroline enough, I felt like I'd known her for years and that made me feel so comfortable and am so glad she was there for our birth. Thank you! xx

    I highly recommend Doula MamaBaba! Our doula has made a huge impact in our household! it's like having a baby expert, trusted childcare, household support, and executive assistant all in one!

    We engaged our doula post-natally, and within a very short time, she's really helped us to have much more quality time together, to feel more comfortable and relaxed in our daily family life. It makes a huge difference --- rather than worrying, juggling, and troubleshooting, I feel like we are enjoying early parenthood far more!

    Caroline was an absolute life-saver as our post natal doula. We first contacted her when our baby daughter was a week old as we were desperately struggling with the sleep deprivation, troubles feeding, generally not knowing what we were doing and particularly exhausted after a difficult labour. She came for an initial 4 nights and we found her so helpful we asked her to come about 3 nights a week for the next 3 months or so! Caroline stayed overnight with us and helped me breastfeed so I could sleep between feeds. Most importantly she helped us establish a sustainable way of handling the nights so we learnt a good rhythm and some good habits for when she wasn't there. Having someone in your house overnight is very intimate so it was a relief that Caroline was so friendly and easy to get on with it. I also found Caroline to be extremely well informed with lots of experience and having read lots of research but she was also very non-judgmental and supportive- being able to ask her all sorts of questions and having her reassurance has been a great source of help and comfort as a first-time mum! My only regrets are that we didn't contact her sooner and that we didn't have her as a birth doula- if there is a next time we shall be asking to book her immediately.

    Caroline was a blessing for my partner and I as well as our son. Her support was monumental it helped us to remain focused during a testing time. I would recommend her assistance to anyone who feels they would benefit from a helping hand during labour. Not only is Caroline professional and great at her job but she is a lovely lady, strong and gentle, kind and dedicated. Thank you for blessing us with your soul for what was such a significant experience for us.

    What a wonderful, knowledgeable, helpful and supportive doula! I couldn't have asked for anything more, Caroline was amazing went above and beyond to help me through the last stages of pregnancy and labour offered expert advice and support and made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed during my quite traumatic labour constantly reassuring me and comforting me. Her ongoing support and aftercare is fantastic also. Would highly recommend this lady I can not sing her praises high enough for all she has done for me and my newborn. Thank you Caroline xx