Amie Stoppard

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Listing Category: Doula and Hypnobirthing Teacher

  • I am a Birth and Postnatal Doula and a Hypnobirthing Teacher. I am also a photographer so if desired I can take photos of your pregnancy, birth and family.

    About Me

    I am mum with three beautiful daughters, Esmé and twin girls, Maggie and Evie. I live in Bromley, Kent. As well as being a birth and postnatal Doula I also teach Hypnobirthing, as I believe that being relaxed and confident in pregnancy and during labour can help you as a mother have a more gentle experience, wherever and however you choose to birth. I have had a natural physiological birth and a C section, I know what both are like and am happy to support women in whatever way they need to birth, without judgement and have learned to not have any attachments to how birth can go, to be flexible in the route that the journey took me on. I feel privileged that I can help empower women to be confident and take control of their choices at a time in thier lives when they are more likely to be feeling vulnarable and out of control. There is so much fear surrounding birth in these modern times, with information, guidance and relaxation techniques through Hypnobirthing the women I help can feel stronger, to know it’s ok to ask questions, be informed and therefore more in control of their choices. I feel I can help a woman to feel safe and calm with whatever environment she births in.

    I am fascinated about all aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond. I want to mother the mother and help her to learn how to not be afraid of a process that is physiologically normal and natural; I believe that it is so important to have a connection with the person I am looking after, for the mother to feel safe with me and to trust me. I think that the best way to decide if I am the doula for you is to see if you and your partner connect with me as a person. I believe it’s vital for a woman to have the confidence and belief in herself to birth and parent her baby. To have people by her side who knows what she is going through intimately, to help her as a mum to not feel alone and to feel looked after and cared for, to enable her to feel safe, supported and protected. I feel that to have a doula and to learn how to relax the body and the mind in preparation for birth is the optimum way to give a mother the best chance at giving birth with as little fear and stress as possible, whichever route you want to take for your birth. The role of a doula is not medical but I have the resources to find out more about any medical issues that may arise, to help you calmly look at the various risks and studies and I can help you make informed decisions by providing you with information, I will then be able to help you be strong in your choices. As Penny Simkin (an experienced Doula) says “You can’t always control what happens to you in your birth experiance but you can control the care you recieve”

  • Trained with Nuturing Birth, Doula UK accredited. I hold a Diploma in Hypnobirthing Teaching using KG (Katharine Graves) Hypnobirthing.