• Alessandra Massacci

    Hi, I’m Alex. I am an Antenatal, Birth and Postnatal Doula, Prenatal Aquamotricist, Maternal Personal Trainer and mum of a 6-years-old little girl. I believe that a mum is the most powerful human being in the world and I would love to be right next to every mum who needs support to become the wonderful mum she is meant to be.

  • Shiri Shalmy

    I am a mother, a feminist and a new doula, believing in every parent’s right to access the birth support they need. I am particularly interested in (and have experience of) working with queer and non-binary families, as well as with sex workers. I have practical experience of hospital, birth centre and home births, including water births, and I am open to supporting parents in whichever way they feel most comfortable – natural or medical.

  • Margaret Cramp

    Hi, I’m Margaret a newly qualified and mentored Birth and Postnatal Doula who lives in Baron’s Court and and I generally cover the West London area including Chiswick, Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Acton and have also had clients in Chelsea, Kensington and Westminster. I love to support new families in the making. I qualified as a midwife in New Zealand but haven’t practiced in the UK but did work as a Maternity Support person in the Lindo wing and had the privilege of attending many births, supporting women as they became new mothers.Then being present as they spend the first Read more [...]

  • Funmi Ihaza

    My personal ethos is that you, the mother, have the power in your hands. It is important for you to get the support you need at the right time and know that you have a right to choose what to do with your body. Your voice matters and it is important to let your voice be heard. I will do all I can to help you find your voice and implement your choices. I live in Stockwell, South West London and can support clients within an hour from my home. Currently I work as a Health Care Assistant at the Read more [...]

  • Eva Levinson

    Ever since I can remember I have always been a huge nurturer. My husband always tells people what an advocate I am for babies. I find them fascinating, little explorers that learn more in 1 year, than we as adults would struggle to do. Their brains are not hard wired and absorb so much information like sponges. Clients call me the ‘baby whisperer’, due to my soothing touch with babies. After a long and successful career in the NHS as a trainer. I decided to set up my own training company specialising in training parents to massage their babies and Read more [...]

  • Yasmin Aly

    Hi! I’m Yasmin, mama to Andre and founder of ConsultMyBaby.com – By Yasmin. I am a full spectrum doula (ie. the entire spectrum of life until death) based in North London and I have a particular passion for helping women who are: – Pregnant and giving birth – Pregnant and going through loss, miscarriage or abortion – Pregnant and wanting support following a traumatic previous birth I support mums who birth at home, in the hospital or birth centre, vaginally or via c-section and am very passionate about supporting women who are wanting a VBAC/ HBAC. Aside from my doula Read more [...]

  • Sophie Brigstocke

    I work as a Birth and Postnatal Doula, Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and Baby Massage teacher. I am also a qualified Therapeutic Massage Practitioner, specialising in pregnancy and labour.  I recently won “Doula of the Year” at the MaMa Conference 2017. Along with Florence Etienne-Jackson I run Nurturing Birth training and mentoring doulas, as well as this Directory, helping parents to find the support they need in pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period. Birth can be a positive, satisfying and empowering experience for women and their partners. Having a baby is the most precious, life-changing time and all too often Read more [...]

  • Lula Danova

    My name is Lula Danova. I am an AoR registered Reflexologist, a recognised Birth and postnatal Doula UK. My Doula UK mentor lady was Ms Heather Guerrini. I am originally from Slovakia, Europe. I have been in UK since July 2000. I am bilingual, because my Mum spoke to me in Hungarian and my Father in Slovak language. I had a lovely childhood. I grew up closely with my (15 months) younger sister, under a big influence of my maternal grandmother. I studied Dental Technology at the Medical High School in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. When I graduated, I Read more [...]

  • Katie Fox

    I live in SW London in `Nappy Valley’ (near Clapham Junction). I have 2 children 1999 and 2001 (well technically they are teenagers now so let’s not talk about the slamming doors!), but on the plus side, this does mean I have no worries about childcare! I cover all of South and Central London. I have supported births at Chelsea & Westminster, St Georges, Thomas’s, Kings, Kingston and The Portland Hospital, both NHS and Private births. I have supported home births, water births, births in the birth centre and labour ward, epidurals, VBAC births, and been in theatre supporting C-Sections. Read more [...]

  • Alison Grunwald

    I am an antenatal and postnatal doula (and former birth doula) serving North West London and surrounding areas. It is a great privilege to support new parents as they enlarge their families and help to make the process as smooth as possible. I inform, educate, offer sensitive, trained emotional support and use my experience from more than 70 births and hundreds of postnatal clients, to guide families and help them build confidence in the early weeks. I am a married mother of four adult children, including twins and at the last count I had eight grandchildren! For those who want Read more [...]