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  • Hi. My name is Jen and I’m a mentored doula, having completed my course with Nurturing Birth. I’ve been a caregiver in both my professional and personal life, and also in various voluntary roles that required interpersonal sensibilities across a wonderful spectrum of cultures.

    I believe passionately that women should be able to give birth in a comfortable, peaceful and loving environment, whether at home, in hospital or at a birth centre.

    I will be there to support, encourage and listen to you, with sensitivity and empathy, help you stay positive at this precious, awesome and sometimes overwhelming time. I will hold your hand, mop your brow and help you and your partner stay calm.

    I’m based in north-west London and available in the surrounding area and many of the London hospitals, and I look forward to meeting you.

    About Me

    I have a loving supportive husband, two wonderful sons, a beautiful daughter in law and three amazing grandchildren.

    I first became aware of the role of a doula when my first gorgeous grandchild was born 15 years ago – the seed was sown. I supported my lovely daughter-in-law Jess and son as much as I could – I was working at the time – and as much as she wanted me to, both during her three pregnancies and after the births. We are a close, loving family, and when they visited I would totally mother her, which she welcomed with open arms. I looked after the babies often and learned from Jess. I had no support when I had my two sons nearly fifty years ago and just mothered them in an instinctive way. I loved being a Mum and now a Nonna.

    Until 18 months ago I was working in dentistry, both as a nurse and front-of-house. I knew my patients well, and loved making them feel listened to, protected and calm – they were from many cultures and backgrounds which continually fascinated me – I was always interested to hear their stories. I felt very privileged that so many people were happy to let me into their lives. I worked in the surgery for over 30 years.

    I was also a Samaritan for many years, a role that was very dear to my heart. I attended a counselling course for one year at Westminster Pastoral Foundation.

    When my job ended I decided to pursue my interest in training to become a doula. The more I read, the more interested I became, and gathered enough confidence to apply for the course with NB. My trainer was Sophie B. I loved the course and learned so much – how different it is from when I gave birth, I’d certainly have changed a few things!

    I love to be active. I regularly visit the gym and also practice Pilates – something will really help inform doula-related breathing techniques.

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