Julie Jones

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  • Birth and Post Natal Doula
    Registered Homeopath

    About Me

    I am a qualified and very experienced nursery nurse (N.N.E.B) and have worked with babies, children and their families in many care and educational settings. I trained as a Doula in May 2010 with Nurturing Birth and since then I have been enjoying my work as a Doula, supporting women and their families through their pregnancies and births in Wales and Kent.
    In March 2012 I trained as a HypnoBirthing practitioner to teach mums-to-be and their birthing partners the Marie Mongan philosophy and methods of achieving a gentle and calm birth.

    I am a registered Homeopath and I am pleased to be able to offer Homeopathy to support Mums and babies through pregnancy, birthing and beyond.

  • Registered Homeopath
    Nurturing Birth Doula
    N.N.E.B Nursery Nurse
    Massage therapies
    Holistic Healing