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  • Hi, I am a birth doula and live and work in Putney. I thoroughly enjoy every minute of being a doula, find it incredibly rewarding and unbelievably exciting.
    The journey of birth is the most amazing experience a woman can go through in life and I will be there to give you all the love, support and guidance to help you, your partner and family achieve a happy and fulfilling birth. I will keep you calm and focused during your labour and will point you in the right direction to help guide you through this emotional time. As a birth doula I feel I have so much to offer you, gentle guidance, empathy, constant support and of course excitement. I will always be there to listen and reassure you and will never interfere in the decisions you make for your birth plan.
    I am also a breastfeeding volunteer at Chelsea and Westminster so can help iron out any problems after your birth.

    Birth Doula Package:-
    An initial meeting to get to know you and your family (no charge)
    I will be on-call just for you 24/7 two weeks before and two weeks after your due date
    I will give you as much support as you need via phone or email
    Approximately two antenatal and two postnatal visits (or more if needed) to take place at your own home
    I will be there to support you and your partner during the birth from beginning to end until your baby has had his/her first feed and you are both properly settled.

    About Me

    I have three wonderful children who are a constant source of laughter, fun and information to me. My other loves in life are yoga, cooking, walking my Norfolk terrier in Richmond Park and pottery. My husband started his own fine wine business in London shortly after we were married and I have been involved in the administration and finances for the last 28 years. It has been a fascinating job but now my children have flown the nest I feel the need to do something completely different. I always had a desire to be a midwife but the wine business developed quickly so I had to put my dreams on hold. It is these dreams that have encouraged me to commence my journey towards becoming a doula.

    Katie came to help us establish breastfeeding with our daughter after a traumatic birth and extended stay in hospital. I am so grateful that we found her and cannot recommend her highly enough! At a time when my husband and I were very tired and anxious, Katie was incredibly calm, kind and practical from the outset. She is a very knowledgeable, reassuring and warm hearted person – exactly the qualities you need in the person supporting you in those tricky newborn days. With Katie’s help, we were able to fully establish breast feeding with our daughter. Just as importantly, she gave me confidence in my abilities as a mother at a time when I was full of doubt. My husband and I are both full of gratitude and so pleased that we asked for Katie’s support.
    Helen – March 2018

    Katie is a very intelligent woman, a good listener, with a great sense of humour that comes up at the right time! She is knowledgeable and constantly researching to improve her knowledge.
    She is so passionate at what she does, and I would describe her as a natural, therefore a great support for women living this beautiful journey.
    I clicked with her immediately we spoke, and I have loved her discreet and present way of being there for me in these months, with her supportive words, her way of listening to us, and all the precious information and tips she gave us.
    During the labour she was there, supportive, knowledgeable and with the most calming voice helping me through the breathing. When in that pain, you hardly want to have people around talking to you, but she has her special way and that helped a lot. She was very present and reassuring throughout the whole process.
    Afterwards we discussed the experience at the hospital, my recovery, and talked through the labour. She was very supportive and encouraging talking about the way I coped and that made me feel very proud of myself. Katie kept in touch after the birth, she visited in hospital and at home. As always, very discreetly, making sure to visit whenever best for us. We discussed how the breastfeeding was going and she gave me practical help with it, making sure I was living this experience serenely.
    Sara – August 2017

    After deciding to have a home birth, we felt it would be beneficial to hire a doula and choosing Katie to be our doula was the best decision we could’ve made.
    Katie’s support was incredible – I really could not have got through a 20 hour labour without her support every minute of the way. She was there to support for all things big and small… helping me breathe through the contractions, keeping me fed and watered, keeping the pool at the right temperature and supporting my husband. She also provides great support before and after the birth and really helped with breastfeeding and making me feel confident as a new mom.
    We can’t thank Katie enough for all of her positive energy and support and I would recommend her to anyone thinking about getting a doula for their birth.
    Jenn – July 2017

    Katie is a wonderful and caring doula and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Her presence during the birth of our daughter was a tremendous help. I wanted the birth to be as natural as possible and Katie’s knowledge and encouragement was invaluable in educating us throughout. Katie was great in suggesting different labouring positions as well as being very helpful in guiding us to make decisions during the labour. She was instrumental in helping to keep my mind focused as well as being a fantastic support for my husband. We could not have asked for a better doula experience. Thank you Katie.
    Anita – August 2016

    Thank you a hundred times over for being so flexible and kind to me. I’m a bit overwhelmed, you are so lovely. I am almost lost for words with your kindness. Thank you for being my doula, I find it hard expressing my appreciation.
    Michelle – June 2016

  • I trained as a birth doula with Developing Doulas in London and am a member of Doula UK.
    I am also a Breastfeeding Support Volunteer at C&W hospital.
    Demystifying Tongue ties and the plethora of symptoms they produce March 2016.
    Rebozo for Pregnancy & Birth Workshop May 2016.
    Younique Postnatal Twins Workshop February 2017.
    Younique Postnatal Understanding Newborns Workshop April 2017.