Katinka Noack

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  • Hi! I am a Nurturing birth and DTI mentored birth and post-natal Doula.
    Offering a variety of packages both birth and post-natally to tailor each families needs.
    I am passionate about the work I do – for me there’s simply nothing better than supporting women and families through this sacred time of theirs.
    Also as a wellbeing-practitioner, I have years and years of experience in working with families and babies.

    About Me

    For me, it all started as a child. I was born and grew up in Totnes, Devon, where I was always fascinated with babies. I would watch in awe as my mother’s friends breastfed their children, giving life directly through themselves. I thought, how amazing is that? (My dollies, therefore, got a good share of my imaginary breast milk and were rocked to sleep in cloth that I made into a sling, most certainly).

    I was very maternal from a young age, so it wasn’t a surprise that my first ever job involved working with families and children once I moved to London in 2007. Still working within this field, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    What really led me to train to become a Doula, was when my niece was born, in 2010. As one of my sister’s birthing partners, I could not believe how beautiful and spiritual the experience was. She birthed and took care of her baby in a way that showed she was clearly informed within, trusted from within and was totally supported and informed in her choices. I couldn’t help but think, I wish it was like this for everyone.

    Having previously worked as a Nanny (and as a result constantly hanging out with new mums), I heard more and more about unsatisfied birthing experiences and the lack of support they received when life suddenly changed with the birth of a newborn. Something hit a nerve every time I heard women feeling unhappy with their experience, so one day, I said to myself I’m going to make a difference. Now, having trained with two incredible internationally recognised Doula Trainings (DTI & Nuturing Birth), I can proudly offer to help bring back positive birth and post-natal experiences, and be that support and change that so many mothers and families are looking for.

    I am passionate about Doula work and I geninuly feel like I’ve found my dream job!

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    Wellbeing Practitioner