Natalie Meddings

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Listing Category: Antenatal Teacher and Doula

  • I am a doula and active birth teacher based in Putney

    About Me

    I have been a doula and an active birth teacher for 15 years now, and feel as excited and committed to supporting women in pregnancy and birth as I did at my journey’s start. I recently published a book called How to Have a Baby, a full-to-bursting bible of really great mother-gathered guidance. The learning never ends – at every labour I discover something new – a way to soothe, a position I’ve never seen before, a way to navigate a protocol or take charge of a new and complicating twist to a woman’s birth experience. I have three children myself, now quite grown, and run the national support site

  • Qualified with the Active Birth Centre in 2003 and with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers in 2003.
    Nurturing Birth 2007