Ruth Dennison

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Listing Category: Doula

  • I am a Birth and Postnatal Doula who is passionate about expectant mums and their loved ones receiving the support, reassurance and empowerment they need to help achieve a better pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience.

    About me

    I have decided to become a Doula after witnessing the lack of uninterrupted care and support women receive in hospitals. Hospitals are very fast flow, mums can meet numerous amount of professionals on one visit, which sometimes can lead to the mother to not feel secure but vulnerable. I believe it is very important that women make informed choices using evidence base information, as it is your bodies, your birth and your babies, the more you know, the more likely you will feel/be in control and experience a positive, pregnancy & birth.

    I am very bubbly, kind and caring person. I love my family, listening to music, dancing, swimming and meeting up with friends. I’m a good listener who don’t make judgement of others views but value their opinions, choices and privacy.

    I am here to support you mums every step of the way through this life changing mile stone. As a birth Doula, I will help to create a relaxed environment, in your home, birthing centre, hospital and in theatre if having a c-section, I am avaliable for all types of birth and have a special thing about the joys of water births.

    Nurturing, educating, supporting, counselling, relaxing your mind and giving you and your family physical, emotional and practical support is what I do. I am here to support mums to give birth without fear and to get onto the right start in parenting and bonding with their babies. I am supportive of your choices, where you want to birth your baby and how.

    I am very skilled within breastfeeding and am passionate about supporting mothers and their babies to get onto the right start. I am also experience in teaching women how to bottle feed their babies safely.

    I have completed my Doula training as a birth and postnatal Doula through Nurturing Birth and am continuing to further my knowledge and skills through reading, research, workshops, training and courses.

    Please note; I don’t give advice, I share with you evidence-based information, books, contacts, links, website, handouts and more, all relating to you, your needs and what you may be experiencing as every pregnancy and birth is unique.

    I am here to mother the mother, making sure you and your family adjust to your new born in a beautiful way.

    I have experienced giving birth to my 2 sweet children, one girl one boy, aged 6 and 9 years, both my children was breastfed.

    When I previously worked in a hospital maternity setting for over 9 years;
    “I have had couples say they would love to take me home with them and how much I helped to reduce their anxieties.” as your Doula I can provide the care that you mummy’s want and need.

    Please feel free to contact me for more information, questions or to arrange an interview with me to see if I am the Doula for you.

    Learn more about me here:

  • Relating courses, training and study days I have attended.

    -Nurturing Birth Doula Course
    -UNICEF Baby Friendly initiative, Breastfeeding Management course
    -UNICEF Baby Friendly initiative, Train the Trainer course
    -Tongue-tie assessment training, with Alison Hazel Baker – Lactation Consultant
    -Infant Nutrition at Homerton Hospital
    -NVQ level 3, Health and Social Care
    -NVQ Level 2, Child Care, Learning and Development
    -Baby blood spot screening
    -Infection Control & blood transfusion
    -Basic life support
    -Perinatal Mental health
    -Domestic violence, Adult & child safeguarding level 2 and Child Protection

    Learn more about my CPD here: