Sarah Johnson

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Listing Category: Doula, Hypnobirthing Teacher, and Sleep Consultant

  • I’m a highly experienced birth doula and postnatal doula. One of my clients memorably described my support at her birth as “like having my mum there – but without the emotional strings attached!” If that’s the sort of doula you want and you’re in the London area, then give me a call.
    In another life I was – still am, sometimes – a writer and journalist but over the years my passion for supporting women and couples through the birth and parenting journey just grew and grew. I love to keep up with current research and I’m forever taking courses and adding qualifications. In fact I’m a bit of a birth/parenting/child development science geek, hence the name of my gentle sleep consultancy
    My philosophy is to bring a positive attitude to the whole birth and parenting experience and to support the mother in making informed choices for herself; to listen to her wishes and do my utmost to see them carried out while bringing all my skills to the party.
    I look forward to hearing from new clients all the time – with my broad skill set there is usually some way in which I can help you:
    Birth doula; postnatal doula
    Sleep Consultant for babies and young children
    Hypnobirthing teacher specialising in the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

  • Paramanadoula qualified 2004
    Hypnobirthing accreditation since 2005
    Nurturing Birth qualified 2009
    National Childbirth Trust antenatal practitioner since 2012
    Holistic Sleep Programme Level 5 2019

  • Testimonials:

    From doula clients:
    We were so glad Sarah could be with us, despite baby F arriving 3 and a half weeks early. It made a huge difference - I'm sure I would have found the pain much harder to manage if she hadn't been there. - HM
    Her calm attitude was always a plus to help me feel relaxed, and well looked after - LD

    At the moment that my partner and I were on the edge of panic, Sarah arrived, defused the situation and calmed me during birth - amazing support. Many thanks for being a wonderful doula - LB

    We had detailed discussions about expectation during labour, pain relief methods, exercises and even packing the hospital bags. She provided comfort and guidance on breathing; she also massaged me and reassured my husband. She helped with the first breastfeed, assisted me when I bathed and fetched food (it was the middle of the night). She provided additional help with breastfeeding position and latching and went on a few errands! I am extremely happy that I decided to engage a birth doula. She provided invaluable support before and during labour and helped to turn my anxiety about birth into a memorable experience. I am very fortunate to have had someone with her experience by my side during labour and the birth of my baby. - NP, who asked me back for the birth of her second baby.

    Having Sarah's support before, during and after the birth of A was incredibly valuable. I felt confident that my wishes were being translated to the medical staff at the hospital and had a friendly, knowledgeable person to direct numerous questions to at all times. Thank you so much, Sarah. - KG, another repeat client!

    Sarah convinced me I could do it without pain relief, which is what I wanted! Excellent...ensured a safe delivery of my child - priceless! - SD

    Sarah provided reassurance and comfort when I was alarmed by the sound of another labouring mother's distress. [She] acted as go-between with midwife, reporting on labour's progress, constant monitoring at waterside during time in birthing pool - hugging, hand-holding, massage, verbal reassurance, encouragement and managing gas and air...I would highly recommend Sarah as a doula - her calm, confident, reassuring manner was a huge help. She took endless trouble to send information in the preparation for the birth - nothing was too much trouble.. We will always be grateful and pleased we chose her - HB

    "Like having my mum there with me, but without the emotional strings attached!"