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  • Giving birth to my children was life changing experience, and I was inspired to become a doula and help other women to experience the joy of birth and motherhood. I am truly passionate about the idea that this experience should have a positive and transformative impact on your life. I try to provide the environment in which this can be achieved.

    The approach I adopt when supporting a woman is to focus on understanding the individual client’s needs, and meet them at their level of experience. As your doula, I will help you prepare for birth, discuss your choices and listen to your concerns, previous experiences and wishes. I will work with you so that you can develop tools and confidence to go through labour without fear by using postures, breathing exercises, and meditative and relaxation techniques. I will be there to provide you and your partner with emotional and practical support before, during and after birth. I give every birth I attend my all, and will support and encourage you in whatever decision you make.

    To date, I have been a birth companion to 33 births (as of May 2018), and I am being mentored by Naava Carman to achieve a formally recognised doula status. I am also a mother of two children who have been delivered naturally – one through hospital birth and the other at home. My birth experience includes hospital, birthing center and home birth, high risk, induction, caesarean, water birth and instrumental interventions. I strongly believe that birth should be an empowering and beautiful experience, and my role as a doula is to create the environment where we honour your choices and create memories that are positive and rewarding regardless of circumstances.

    To educate myself on this path I completed the Paramana Doula course in 2011, with the inspiring Dr Michel Odent and doula Liliana Lammers. This was supplemented with my Birthlight Diploma under the tutelage of wise woman Francoise Freedman (covering both ante and post-natal yoga support, 2007) and a Well Woman course with Uma Tuli-Dilsmore (2015). I have been teaching yoga since 2004, and its philosophy permeates all aspects of my life. In February 2016 I obtained a Yoga Therapy Diploma, with a graduating distinction, to ensure that I am equipped to deliver consistent individual care. My main specialisation is pregnancy, labour support and women’s health, and my aim is to use all this knowledge in a calm and practical way so that my clients can make the best choices during pregnancy and labour.

    About Me

    Vera is an experienced yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga since 1992 and teaching from 2004. She holds teaching diplomas from British Wheel of Yoga, Birthlight, Yoga Therapy Diploma (YC) and children teaching training from Special Yoga Centre. Vera also has extensive training in meditation and mindfulness practices. She has trained as a Doula with Dr Michel Odent and supported 33 births to-date (May 2018). She is currently being mentored through Doula UK by Naava Carman to achieve a fully recognised doula status.

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  • My qualifications (as relevant for this listing):
    • British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma (incl TP and FCT) (2004-2006, 2007, 2012)
    • Birthlight Teaching Diploma (ante and post natal yoga) (2007-2008, 2010)
    • Paramana Doula Course (2011)
    • Yoga Therapy Diploma (2014-2016)

    My specialty:
    • Yoga Therapy
    • Doula and Pregnancy Yoga including birth preparation and labour support
    • Female health including fertility support

  • Testimonials:

    "Throughout both my pregnancies, Vera has been absolutely wonderful and has completely changed my experience of pregnancy and birth. Her involvement, before, during and after each birth has hugely helped my bonding with my two sons, and helped me remain calm and positive in the face of all the challenges and stresses that I have faced as a new mother". (Sophie, births in June 2016 and January 2018)
    "I have know Vera for over seven years, and used her services of a Yoga teacher and coach as well as a Doula with my first pregnancy. Vera gives her best in every session. Her presence, subtle connections and ability to hold space and heal are unparalleled. I come back to her time and again and am always surprised by personal approach, warmth and dedication which which she serves the humanity." (Ania, birth in May 2016)
    "Thank you for your support and care, you were an incredible help. I still can't believe that I had a completely natural birth" (Nadya, birth in May 2018)
    "Vera was supportive and discrete through my 30 hour labour supporting with me breathing techniques, positioning and massages - she was with me all the way" (Giorgia, birth in March 2018)