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  • I am offering Birth and Post-natal services to any London based families and families to be.

    About Me

    My name is Chloe Ballu. I am a French (London based) mother of 2 young children. My work as a doula was led by my own journey into motherhood, with a new understanding of what loving, nurturing, and caring meant. I learnt how important selfcare, trust and learn to let go is. I am constantly researching and becoming open to new things.

    In my first pregnancy I was fortunate enough to receive the experience of the magnificent doula Liliana Lammers. Before this, I had no idea birthing could be so wonderful. I had all sorts of ideas and preconceptions about breastfeeding, motherhood, and even what my parenting style might be… yet reality and life experiences changed my perceptions and beliefs, and I felt so blessed to have had such empowering birth experiences (even with their challenges), to begin my life with my new family.

    I was deeply inspired by the powerful emotions I was feeling as a new mother and was fascinated by my own experiences and the power of support that a doula could offer in such circumstances, which lead me to following the path into becoming a doula myself. Naturally I had stayed in touch with Liliana, who also works very closely with Michel Odent, and after 8 months after my first daughter was born, I attended their “PARAMANA DOULA COURSE”. Two years and a second daughter later, I completed the “NURTURING BIRTH” course.

    Currently, I am offering Birth and Post-natal services to any London based families and families to be. As part of my practice I have ongoing peer support (Nurturing Birth Mentorship program – and more), debriefing and reviews with experienced doulas and one in particular.

    My aim as a doula is to offer unconditional respect, love and kindness and to support new families in practical or emotional matters in order to create their own safe places and a strong mind-set throughout their journeys into motherhood. I endeavour to help my clients to ground themselves in what can often be an overwhelming period, express and process thoughts, feelings, needs or wishes, and identify the correct supports they need to become confident and fulfilled parents.

    Practically, for you, this means:
    – I will help you to make informed choices regarding research-based information on birth plan and postnatal care options.
    – I will listen to you, the mother to be, and to your co-parent.
    – I will work either with a hands-on or hands-off approach, as is your choice.
    – l will protect and respect your choices and your privacy.
    – I will always work with an open mind.

    I am fascinated to hear about people and their experiences of becoming parents in addition to staying informed on new research.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  • 2015 - PARAMANA Doula Course
    2017 - NURTURING BIRTH Doula Course

  • Testimonials:

    "Chloe is extremely knowledgeable. She is also caring and knows exactly how to talk to and how to reassure a mother in moments of emotional frailty. She is also very respectful of parents’ preferences and views, and her recommendations always come as suggestions supported by evidence and background readings.
    In the hours that Chloe spent with us, she taught me an incredible number of skills. From breastfeeding, to expressing milk, to how to hold a baby, dress her etc.
    I will never forget that Chloe came to our house on a Friday night on 3 hours notice, despite having her own two children and family visiting. It was extremely generous of her, demonstrated her dedication and professionalism. It also provided an incredible help at the end of one of the most difficult days of my motherhood experience so far. As I tell my friends when talking about Chloe, I thought of her that night as ‘my guardian angel’, and she really acted as one."
    Francesca S.
    November 2017