Maggie Vaughan

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Listing Category: Placenta Specialist

  • Placenta services including capsules, smoothies, essences, tinctures and homeopathic remedies. I now offer a newly developed range of cosmetics.. a beautiful “Mothers’ Treat” facial oil, “Kindly” body cream and body balm…the latter eminently suitable for babies bottoms. These can all be personalised with your very own placenta-infused oil. they can be bought/used by anyone.
    Post natal doula services from a Leith’s trained cook.

    About me

    I’m a mother of four including twins, I cycle everywhere and love my work… doulaing and encapsulating are the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had bar being a mother. I spend some of my time working as a doula at Chelsea Westminster Hospital. For more info on me please look at my website..

  • Encapsulation training with Koala Therapies in 2009.
    Member of Placenta Remedies Network.
    Doula training with Michel Odent in 1999.
    BSc Health Sciences 2000
    Leith trained Cook... 1973

  • Testimonials:

    Maggie provided excellent information prior to the birth. No pressure as to what to do - only highly informative in order for me to make the right decision for me. Maggie is an amazing doula and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering using their placenta. I've had outstanding results with my milk supply given my age (47) and the c-section I had. This has been commented on by night nannies I've had around for support. I am the only woman still breastfeeding five months after baby was born in my NCT group - the rest seemed to have major issues with their supply despite they all are 15-20 years younger than me and had normal births. Maggie also provided additional support related to breastfeeding, emotional support and not least her cooking with focus on good milk supply ensured a healthy start to my journey as a mother. I cannot thank her enough for having been there for me the first few months!!! X