Lauren Parker

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Listing Category: Doula and Miscarriage / Stillbirth Support

  • Hello! I am a birth and postnatal doula living in South Manchester with my two sons. I now work alongside two other doulas as part of Greater Manchester Doulas, working together to support women and their families across Greater Manchester.

    About Me

    I’m Lauren, mum to two young sons and a birth and postnatal doula living in South Manchester. Likely to be found playing the piano or eating vegan ice cream at Ice Shack with fellow Greater Manchester Doulas Elle & Christine, I am a lover of rainbows, crochet, doodling, having adventures with my boys and of course all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

    Why am I a doula?
    I was always meant to be a doula, it’s just who I am! However like most doulas, I discovered this work through my own experiences of becoming a mother. My journey to motherhood was not an easy one and after traumatic losses in my first three pregnancies, my pregnancy with my first son was one full of fear and anxiety. Although I had the beautiful home birth I had planned and hoped for I knew I wanted more support in the future. Second time around I had an equally beautiful home birth with the addition of a birth doula and although the experience was not exactly as I had imagined, I could see how valuable doulas could be and I wanted to be able to offer that support to other women and their families.

    Things that matter
    Both my children were born at home and whilst I had two beautiful natural home births, what I am really passionate about is not natural birth but positive birth! I care that women are respected enough to make informed choices about their pregnancy and birth and are truly supported in their decisions so they can feel empowered by a positive birth experience. I care that your birth partner feels confident and involved so that they can support you in the best way possible. I care that you feel self-assured, confident and supported as new parents.

    How might I support you?
    My role as your doula is entirely guided by you and your needs and wherever the road turns I will be ready to encourage and support you throughout your journey into motherhood. I won’t judge; whether you choose a caesarean birth, hospital birth with an epidural or a home water birth, whether you choose to formula feed or breastfeed. What matters most is that you had all the information and support you needed to make the right decisions for you and your baby so your pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience can be a positive one.

    If you think you could benefit from the support of myself and the other Greater Manchester Doulas, please get in touch, we would love to chat more!

    My other hats!
    As well as being a doula and a mother to my boys, I am often found accompanying Elle at Manchester Positive Birth Group and Chorlton Home Birth Group meets and I am a trained babywearing peer supporter. I also run my own business Poco Bambino, making ethical bits and bobs for your little ones!

    Follow me
    Feel free to follow me, @happynestdoula and @greatermanchesterdoulas on facebook and instagram

  • Nurturing Birth Doula Preparation Course – Mar 2016
    Doula UK Conference 2016
    ‘Demystifying Tongue ties (anterior and posterior) + the plethora of symptoms they produce’ with Indira Lopez-Bassols (Workshop at Doula UK Conference 2016)
    Born To Carry Babywearing Peer Supporter Course – Jun 2016
    Birth Debrief: Why it can hinder and alternative ways of supporting trauma – Sep 2016
    Supporting Every Birth Workshop – Jan 2017
    Doula UK Conference 2017
    Post term pregnancy: exploring evidence, inspiring confidence with Sara Wickham - Nov 2017
    MAM 3 Step Rewind Technique - Feb 2018