Helen Hancock

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Listing Category: Baby Massage Teacher, Baby Yoga Teacher, Breastfeeding Counsellor, and Doula

  • Hi, I am Helen. I am based in County Londonderry in Northern Ireland.
    In 2015 I decided to establish my own business supporting families in my community.
    Cothú (meaning nurture in Irish) is my business name.
    I am a fully insured and qualified Doula, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Baby Massage Instructor and Baby & Toddler Yoga Instructor.
    I am also a Weleda wellbeing advisor and I am chief glass blower at Breastbowl.com (European Division)
    As a glassblower at Breastbowl I encase breast milk in molten glass.
    I work with postpartum mothers mainly.. Offering invaluable information about infant feeding. What to expect and reaching beyond my scope for professional help if it is needed. Knowing who is out there to offer specialised services.
    Empowering your choices and a strong shoulder to lean on.
    I have experience of working with women in Women’s Aid.
    Infant loss support is also an area I feel strongly about.
    I will put my heart and soul into providing a professional service that you can rely on.
    I run a Breastfeeding Support Group from my home weekly.

    About Me

    Primarily I am a mother.
    I originally wanted to make glass when I graduated from university with a Degree in Craft Design in 1998.
    Through many traumatic hurdles including baby loss at 26 wks and also Domestic Violence I grew to develop such strong solidarity with my fellow women.
    I felt they needed more. They needed a strong women in their life to support them.
    Someone who is trained to gently support and listen.
    I wanted to become the person I felt I should have had during my pregnancy, birth and through breastfeeding. None of which were easy.
    Now I combine my great love of glass and knowledge of breastfeeding and create beautiful hand crafted Breast bowls for hand expression and feeding.. Each is unique and I feel passionate about the skills used in hand expression. Spreading the word of its wonders to the wider world.

  • Cuidiu Breastfeeding Counsellor
    Birth Know How Doula (FEDANT Registration No. 12824)
    IAIM Baby Massage Instructor
    Birthlight Baby & Toddler Yoga instructor.
    BDes in Glass Design (Glassblower @ Breastbowl.com)