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Listing Category: Doula

  • Hi there! I am Kate, I am a mum of six and I live on our farm in Warlingham, a lovely village that sits between South London, Surrey and Kent. I have had lots of different birth experiences, from vaginally delivered twins, homebirths, waterbirths, birth centre and hospital. It is through my own birth journeys (some positive, some not so much) that lit the fire in my belly to help other women.
    I am told I have a very positive energy that can be fun and uplifting but equally calming and reassuring.
    I wholeheartedly believe that a women has the power to birth her baby and should do it however she wants. I will support you and provide information so that you can make informed desicions that will lead to an empowering birth experience.
    I also know too well how the support after you baby is born is as massively important. After the build up and preperation of your birth, very few families feel truely confident and supported in the postnatal weeks. I am here to be your support, whether you need support with feeding, confidence or just someone to watch the baby while you catch up on yoir well deserved sleep. Maybe you would just like someobe to make you accuppa and lend a gentle, non judgemental ear. Whatever it is , I am here for you.

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