Jaimie Williams

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Listing Category: Doula and Night Support

  • Hello my name is Jaimie, and I am a mentored birth and postnatal doula nurturing and supporting families in and around North Surrey.

    I provide antenatal, birth and postnatal packages to be flexible around your family’s wants and needs.

    My job as a doula is to provide you emotional, physical and practical support during your pregnancy, birth, and postnatally. Also to ensure you have information and options that enable you to make the choices that are best for you and your family.

    I have experience in providing a night nanny service, and also of looking after twins.

    I am working with Kingston Hospital’s Maternity Voices group to help improve maternity services provided by the hospital. I also work with my local NCT branch organising antenatal and postnatal meets ups for mums and babies.

    I have over two and a half years experience of breastfeeding my own children, facing a variety of challenges including poor latch, non-stop feeding, combination feeding, weaning and perseverance!

    About Me

    I am at the beginning of my doula journey, and am really looking forward to encouraging and empowering new mothers and their families.

    I believe in mothering the mother; building her confidence, enabling her to have the most satisfying and empowering experience of pregnancy, birth and life with a newborn.

    I am passionate about enabling families to make well-informed choices, and there’s nothing I love more than baby snuggles!

    I have three children of my own; Sophie born in 2007, Heidi born in 2009, and Thomas born in 2014. Heidi and Thomas were both born at home, their births were among the best experiences of my life.

    Much love xxx

  • Nurturing Birth birth and postnatal doula course, completed May 2017.
    I am also DBS checked.