Optimal cord clamping and the third stage of labour – video blog

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March 17, 2021

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Optimal cord clamping and delayed cord clamping – what is it all about? What options do we need to consider around cord clamping after birth. Why do these matter to the health of our baby or babies?What should we do if a baby is born without a midwife or doctor? Why do we cut the cord anyway?

Sophie discusses the third stage of birth and the choices that parents have around cord clamping, highlighting the all-important NICE guidelines to have optimal cord clamping, enabling placental transfusion to take place – the blood that is required by the baby to be passed from placenta to baby before the cord is cut.

Click here to read more research-based information about optimal cord clamping from Blood to Baby

Click here to watch Sophie’s video on World Health Organisation’s recommendations for positive birth experiences.

Read the AIMS Book, “Birthing your placenta” – an invaluable guide for pregnant women and people.

Read Dr Sarah Buckley’s article on the birth of the placenta.

Read Born Stroppy’s article on the satirical concept of bleeding the baby of 1/3 of its blood after birth to reduce the chance of jaundice (as opposed to cutting the cord early, and stopping 1/3 of the baby’s blood reaching it).

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Author Headshot- Sophie
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