Vaginal Gandalf – descriptions of doulas on TV and Film

2018 – 17 years since Doula UK was founded, nearly 10 years after the establishment of the largest American doula organisation, DONA, and doulas are now appearing on mainstream TV programmes and films, so we thought it would be fun to share some of the recent viewings!

For those who are fans of the Pitch Perfect series, the most recent has one of the characters announce that she is going to become a doula in Mykonos!  And that is after an earlier scene when the Bellas watch a much younger group of acapella singers and one of them comments that they must all have been breastfed!  Can I just apologise to the assembled audience at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton for loudly cheering and high-fiving my daughter in those two moments.  I can’t find a video clip to share, but we will keep looking and post when we find it!

Family Guy is a favourite and in Season 13, episode 12 Stewie gives birth (strange concept – male baby gives birth – Seth McFarlane clearly has an interesting imagination!)

Here’s the dialogue between Stewie and Brian,

“Brian, I need you to take me to the hospital … Why?  My water just broke … Call the Doula.  Brian, you’ve got to call the doula!”

“Doula?  I – I don’t even know what that is!”

“It’s a divorced woman who knows about lady parts and cheers you on.”

Ok, so that certainly sums up one of us at Nurturing Birth!!!

Finally, and perhaps we have saved our favourite for last, and there is a video to go with it!  Brooklyn 99, a programme I had never heard of until my 12 year old daughter introduced me to it recently.  Watch and enjoy – not only an excellent explanation of what doulas are, but some funnies in there too!

Do let us know if you have seen any doula mentions anywhere and perhaps we can compile the ultimate list.

Oh, and if you need a Vaginal Gandalf in your life, or a divorced woman who knows about lady parts and cheers you on then check out the doula listings on the Nurturing Birth Directory.

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