Desperate sleep-deprived parents – a video blog

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February 14, 2018

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What would you do if your baby didn’t sleep?  Is that a situation you find yourself in now?  Is the sleep bank empty and you are looking to everyone and anyone for advice?

In this video blog Sophie shares a recent situation she read about on social media and how emotive it was.  Being in the middle of a storm can always jeopardise our ability to think objectively and therefore we believe it is important to turn to trusted friends or professionals to chat through the challenges.  Social media is not necessarily the best place to get advice in these situations.

We love evidence-based signposting at Nurturing Birth so we are huge fans of the Infant Sleep Information Source, a fantastic website full of information about baby sleep, how it is so different to adult sleep and why.  There are some great recommendations there.  But, perhaps simplest of all is to reach out to trusted friends/family members or a doula and ask for help.  Perhaps someone can shoulder some of the burden for you so that you are enabled to get into bed and get some much-needed shut-eye.  We hope you can.

If you are pregnant and thinking about the challenges of baby’s sleep then why not check out our recent video blog on preparing for a baby in the family.

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Author Headshot- Sophie
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