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Existing Users

  1. Firstly log in to the Nurturing Birth Directory using your login details.
  2. Once your membership has been approved you can edit your profile by clicking the Edit Profile button.
    If your profile does not show up please contact us for more support.
  3. Please fill out as many of the fields as possible to give a well rounded look to your profile.


Please select the categories that best describe your area of expertise.

  1. The following are now required before a listing can be updated:
    • A photo of your-self.
    • Your phone and email address.
    • The date you completed your doula course.
    • Acceptance of the Nurturing Birth Directory terms and conditions.
  2. Please make sure you click on the Location & Online Media Tabs.

Location Tab

This map is used to show your proximity to a doula search. i.e If you live in London and someone searches for Doulas in London, your listing will show. Either start typing your address into the text box and it will show suggested addresses or use the map to find your location.

Online Media Tab

There is an option to add your personal web site address, your facebook/twitter profiles and your instagram profiles.

Once complete, click on the Update your profile button and you should receive a successful confirmation that your profile has been updated. Click on the “Click here to view your profile” to view your updated information.

For any further assistance please contact the Nurturing Birth Directory.

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