An Interview with Bridget Supple, Microbiome Teacher

Florence chats to Bridget Supple, Antenatal Teacher and news editor of the International Journal of Birth and Parent Education about her interest in the Microbiome and how that has developed into providing online courses for parents and birth professionals about the microbiome and how to best prepare for the optimum bacterial start for babies. To… Read more »

An interview with Alex Heath, Hypnotherapist and Traumatic Birth Recovery specialist

Sophie talks to hypnotherapist, doula and Traumatic Birth Recovery specialist Alex Heath about her work with families recovering from difficult pregnancy, birth or postnatal experiences.  She shares her experience, thoughts about how to best prepare for birth and how the 3-step Rewind Technique can be utilised simply and quickly to reduce the emotional effects of… Read more »

#SoProud – a video blog

Harry Kane, footballing star in the recent World Cup, came under fire on Twitter last week for congratulating his partner, Kate, on giving birth to their second daughter without the use of drugs.  Here we discuss the #SoProud movement that has come on the back of it and why anyone chooses to opt for a… Read more »

The Birth Plan – a video blog

Sophie chats about birth plans after reading two very differing opinions about them recently.  What are your thoughts about birth plans – a good or a bad thing?  Does it empower you to consider your options, or create unrealistic expectations? If you want to find a doula who will support you antenatally, help prepare a… Read more »

Budgeting for a baby – Seriously thrifty saving advice!

budgeting for a baby - nurturing birth directory

Here in the UK we’re super lucky that every woman has the right to take 52 weeks maternity leave. However, being able to afford to take it is another matter altogether. Some ultra-supportive employers offer enhanced maternity leave packages, providing as much as six month’s pay whilst you take a break to recover from birth… Read more »

What is a doula and do I really need one?

Pregnancy can be a truly wonderful time, your body is blooming and you’re looking forward to the day when you finally get to meet your beautiful new baby. But pregnancy can also be an exhausting, confusing and downright scary time too! You’ve probably got a million and one questions and random thoughts running through your… Read more »

Doulas and caesareans – a video blog

Last year Sophie wrote an open letter to magazine editor Natasha Pearlman after she shared in the mainstream press about her traumatic first birth experience.  Now, a year later, Natasha is pregnant with her second baby and has shared her decision to have an elective caesarean birth in the Mail.  Sophie discusses how doulas support… Read more »

The power of language and basic humanity – a video blog

Sophie is in a field in Hay on Wye, camping at the Hay Literary Festival.  She’s been listening to some inspiring talks, including one by linguistics professors at the University of Birmingham who have been investigating language around death before birth i.e. miscarriage, termination and stillbirth.  She also listened to a woman who suffered from… Read more »

When the postnatal period isn’t all rosy – a video blog

Sophie talks about working with two clients who didn’t experience the birth they hoped for and had difficult early days.  What are the challenges that come up – the change in expectations, the lack of time to process their experiences, the lack of professional support to listen.  That’s where the postnatal doula comes in –… Read more »