Agnese Runce

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Personal Introduction:

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My name is Agnes (or Agnese in Latvian) and I'm a mum of 3 amazing children, and I'm a birth and postnatal doula based in Greater Manchester. I have experienced 2 births without and 1 birth with a birth partner and I know how important and helpful it is to get the right support in the right time during this unforgettable life event and how this support can change the whole birthing experience. That's why I have decided to become a doula and be that support for you.

Nurturing Birth, Birth&Postnatal Doula Expansive course- 7.02.2022.
Elearn College, Birth Doula- 19.02.2021.
All Nurturing Birth doulas have completed our approved preparation course and adhere to the Nurturing Birth code of ethics.
Completed Course:
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