Alessandra Massacci

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Personal Introduction:

I'm a doula in Walthamstow. I’m 30 and I have two daughters, 8 years and 15 months old. I’m Italian and I became an Aquanatal Teacher in Italy because I believe that water is powerful. I wanted to do more and I continued my training becoming Maternal Personal Trainer. In UK I studied to become a Birth and Postnatal Doula because I want to be present and useful, I would like every woman to become aware of herself and her wishes and choose for herself how to take care of her baby. I think that every mother deserves to be around people able to support and inform her, to attend her on the path and to help her in her needs. I’m also a Baby Massage Teacher and a Babywearing Peer and Supporter. I love reading, writing and drawing.

Birth and Postnatal Doula,
Aquanatal Teacher,
Maternal Personal Trainer,
Baby Massage Teacher,
Babywearing Peer and Supporter.
All Nurturing Birth doulas have completed our approved preparation course and adhere to the Nurturing Birth code of ethics.
Completed Course:
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