Julie Carnell

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Personal Introduction:

Hi! I am a mentored Postnatal Doula (and amateur photographer), and I offer my emotional and practical support to you and your evolving family. Providing you with time to rest, heal and bond with your baby, and even re-connect with your older children, so that you can really enjoy this precious time as much as possible. I will help you to believe in yourself and dispel your fears and worries, enabling you create a positive foundation from which your family can evolve. Having struggled with post-natal depression and breast feeding issues, I know just how essential good and non-judgemental support for new parents is.

As an amateur photographer, I will also be more than happy to unobtrusively capture some of the precious moments your family will share, if you would like me to.

‘If we were all the same, this world would be a boring place!’ Jack Francis
Jack was my fun loving grandad and my inspiration, and this was his favourite expression that he’d always say with a big grin! I have always tried to live life by this, accepting everyone for who they are.

About me

My name is Julie Carnell and I am mum to three lovely children. My first experience of childcare came in my early teens when I had my first babysitting job. For four years, the parents of a six month old girl and three year old boy trusted me explicitly with their young family, knowing that I would love and care for their children. I was fortunate enough to have several babysitting jobs in my teenage years, until I went out to work. I left full time work to care for my own children, and have counted myself very fortunate being able to stay at home with them for most part. Before having my second child, I worked part time in an infant school, and still actively help out at events and outings in my daughter’s primary school. Being a ‘stay at home’ also allowed me to support several friends and neighbours with their new babies, giving them the time, help and reassurance they needed. I found that more often than not they just needed the strength to follow their own gut feeling – something that I am a huge believer in, as we are all different and what suits one parent/baby/family will not suit another.

I first ‘stumbled’ across Doulaing almost 12 years ago and have loved the idea of supporting other new families from all walks of life since then.

I am also an amateur photographer, and love nothing more than capturing natural, candid pictures of babies, children and family interactions.

Completed Training

February 2016 - Doula UK Introductory Workshop

June 2016 - Nurturing Birth Doula Preparation Course

July 2017 - Younique Postnatal, Twins & More Workshop

Current Training

Doula UK mentoring to become a registered Doula

Future Training

December 2017 - Younique Postnatal, Understanding Newborns
All Nurturing Birth doulas have completed our approved preparation course and adhere to the Nurturing Birth code of ethics.
Completed Course:
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