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Personal Introduction:

My name is Sara and I’m a doula, Hypnobirthing and yoga teacher based in Hackney. My journey as a doula began two and a half years ago as an organic continuation of my work as a pregnancy yoga teacher. Having had a traumatic birth experience with my first baby, I became passionate about the prospect of empowering women to have a positive birth by offering emotional and practical support during pregnancy and labour.

Giving birth is one of the most life-changing experiences you will ever go through, but in today’s medical system many women find it hard to have a positive and inspiring birth. As your doula I will support you unconditionally and without judgement. My role is to hold the space for you and your partner, and to stand by your side through this very special time to make sure you feel safe during pregnancy, birth and the early days of motherhood. My hope is that by making mindful choices during pregnancy, you will have an empowering birth.

To learn more about me and my services please visit my website

Birth & Postnatal Doula (Nurturing Birth and Paramana Doula)
Pregnancy Yoga (Uma Disnmore-Tuli)
Postantal Yoga (Nadia Narain)
Mum & Baby Yoga (Birthlight)
Vinyasa Yoga (Sampoorna Yoga)
Restorative Yoga Teacher (Anna Ashby)
Hypnobirthing Teacher (KGH)
Paediatrics First Aid (Red Cross)
All Nurturing Birth doulas have completed our approved preparation course and adhere to the Nurturing Birth code of ethics.
Completed Course:

"When we met Sara in person, both my husband and I really liked her style. She has a very calming presence, and is very knowledgeable about childbirth. She made it clear that she wouldn’t judge any decision from the beginning, which I found reassuring.
Sara’s antenatal classes were all excellent and complementary to the NCT classes we attended. She covered a range of topics, which included some practical components, like birth positions. I found these conversations very empowering, and something that was completely missing from my rather impersonal interactions with the NHS midwives. I found some of her practical exercises such as the yoga class and the affirmations very helpful to prepare mentally for the birth.
During the birth, she reminded me of some of the things we had discussed, and did not seem judgmental whenever I deviated from the initial plans. She also gave me very good lower back massages/pressure, which helped with the pain of the contractions. I think Sara is excellent at being a doula and both my husband and I are very happy to have chosen her.” - Maria

“Sara is a deeply sensitive, intuitive person who relates on a very intimate level. I felt that she met me at every turn and gave wise counsel every time. In Sara I had a constant ally – she helped me to stay positive and to make my own decisions.
She was very careful and considerate with the midwives too – never overstepped the mark with them. At the birth, she was as excited as we were. It really was a magical experience and one that I was thrilled to share with her.” - Tess

“Sara is very calm and supportive. I appreciated her relaxed attitude, which I thought would be essential during the birth. She was also non-judgemental when it came to my birth choices which I really appreciated. I also liked that she was a yoga instructor. The class she gave me as part of the package was great.” - Kelly

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