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Personal Introduction:

I am a Doula, Hypnobirth Teacher and Sound Healing Practitioner
I really enjoy supporting women through pregnancy, birth, motherhood and beyond.

I offer personalised antenatal preparation and alternative therapies during pregnancy preparing you for your birth journey, during the birth and in the post natal period.

I also run a love Positive Birth Meet up group part of the Positive Birth Movement (free monthly meet ups)

I run a local home birth group and we have 8 pools women can borrow for free or a small donation.

I am currently training as a Breastfeeding Counsellor and will be offering free support when qualified.

I facilitate monthly group Birth Prep and Guided Visualisation with Sound sessions for pregnant women and also session birth partners can attend too. They are held in a magical yurt in the stunning south downs countryside.

Give me a ring if you would like to chat about how I could support you.

Indian Head Massage
Closing the Bones Postnatal Massage
Reiki & Sound Healing for Relaxation
2015 – Member of Doula UK
Nurturing Birth Doula course November 2014
KG Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Course July 2012
All Nurturing Birth doulas have completed our approved preparation course and adhere to the Nurturing Birth code of ethics.
Completed Course:

Ivonne Stevens:
Shirley was my guidance through all my positive birth experience process, she is a great source of information, has amazing negotiation skills and was key on putting all the pieces together for me to have my dream home birth, despite doctors and despite system. I definitely recommend her as a doula and for the Hypnobirth course, both totally worth it! :)

Sarah Arnot Owen:
Words don’t really cover my thanks and gratitude for making something that was so scary and daunting into something just amazing . You are so talented and passionate about what you do – thank goodness I am lucky enough to have found you! I am so happy to have shared this journey with you and I still cannot not quite believe that I did it. Had it not been for your guidance, belief in me and confidence in what you do I could not have done it. You are incredible at what you do! Thank you for your support to all of us throughout for helping me to bring little Lazlo into the world and all the on going support postnatally. He is already very chilled and loves the water. x

Janina Norton:
Shirley, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the most wonderful Doula I could ever have hoped for. Both my husband and I are so grateful for everything you did to help us have such a positive birth experience. We will always look back on this birth with such joy and pride – and we are so glad that you are such a big part of that memory.
The birth of my twin boys two and a half years ago was complicated and very medicalised, leaving me with many unresolved fears about going through birth again. For this more recent pregnancy, I knew I would benefit from support to achieve my wish for a normal delivery (a VBAC – vaginal birth after caesarean). Shirley took a truly holistic approach to supporting me through my pregnancy and birth, giving me the emotional and moral support I needed each and every step of the way. She spent time with both my husband and I, allowing us to talk through our concerns together and to envision the positive birth experience we wanted to create this time around. This really helped us to be aligned, understand what really mattered and work as a true partnership. Shirley was also a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy and birth and was tirelessly pointing me towards information that helped me to be more educated about my birth options. She supported me through the ongoing conversations I had with the consultants and midwives, so that my needs and wishes were being met and I felt fully informed and involved in this birth. The hypnobirthing and relaxation that Shirley taught me was truly invaluable and I credit this training to helping me achieve my goal of a successful VBAC, using only gas and air at the very end. And during the birth itself, Shirley helped to ensure my birth preferences were followed, the environment was kept calm, safe and loving and I felt really supported. But I have only brushed the surface of the support that Shirley provided!! The hugs and positive words to reassure me through the tears and wobbles, massages, walks in the woods to bolster my spirit, and cups of tea to bolster my energy. Shirley, you were amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a Doula.

Hayley Langan:
Shirley professionalism, care and support from the start couldn’t be faulted. Her confidence and teachings gave me the confidence to believe in myself and have the beautiful homebirth I wanted. Right through to the post natal services - the Closing of the Bones massage and Sound Bath were just the perfect closure to a wonderful experience.

Liv Shirville:
Shirley introduced me to the world of hypnobirthing and the positive birth movement, taught me to trust my body, to relax and to be well prepared for and confident about the whole birth process. She was utterly amazing at talking me through everything, and gave me so much encouragement and support right up to my birth, and even afterwards. Just before my birth Shirley also came over and gave me the most wonderful Indian head massage and relaxation session.... it was just perfect and just what I needed. A big thank you to you Shirley for the many many ways you helped support me through my birth Xx

Nicola Pryor:
I had a one-to-one birth preparation and relaxation session with Shirley before my second baby. The relaxation was lovely of course (I can recommend the sound relaxation), but the really valuable bit was the practical advice around home birth and coping with/enjoying labour. The best thing was that the session included my partner, and he found it really useful and straightforward.

Paula Wilson:
I don't know what I would've done without Shirley, the preparation and support she gave us before and after our first baby was born made such a difference to us. When it came to baby no.2, had I not been in a different country, I'd definitely have had her by my side! She was able to help us with our birth choices, help us explain those choices to the hospital and despite needing a caesarean, was able to help suggest natural ways of bonding with our new baby. Can't recommend her enough!

Grainne Selfridge:
Shirley is my sister but before she taught me the concept of hypnobirthing I was terrified of labour. I didn't even like to think about it. Shirley enlightened me on pregnancy, birthing and babies, and highlighted how natural the process is. By informing me on routine interventions and helping me to understand what is truly necessary, I began to trust my own innate wisdom opposed to feeling frightened, out of control, and at the hospital's mercy. Shirley was able to deliver her knowledge, and signposted me to trusted research, but respected my opinions and wishes at the same time. My confidence in Shirley as a doula grew. (I realised she's not just a bossy sister - she really knows her stuff! �) and as the course and pregnancy developed... I was so empowered, I decided to have a home birth with my first baby! It was one of the most memorable beautiful experiences of my life and I'm forever grateful that Shirley was there with me through this journey - not just for me, but for my fiancé too. He benefitted profoundly from her support and reassurance. Shirley is extremely passionate in her work and an amazing teacher. Her perceptions are infectious rather than forced. Of course you're going to think this is utterly bias. I suppose if you are lucky enough to have her as your doula, you'll see for yourself �� Happy Birthing! ��

Marie Abroux:
I had a great session with Shirley, preparing for the birth of my third baby. Guided relaxation, sound and Reiki. Felt amazing afterwards. What a nice experience and time for myself to relax and prepare for labour. Thank you Shirley !

Clare Mee:
I had a delicious head massage a few days before my third baby. Shirley helped me prepare mentally for labour and gave me some really good ideas. On Shirley's recommendations my children drew me some amazing pictures with words of encouragement on ('go on mummy, you can do it!'), she also gave me advice on how to prepare my children for what labour would be like, what I might be doing and also how to answer their questions. I had planned to labour in a room that has lots of photos of the kids and Shirley showed me how to use the rectangular frames to help with contractions! I still think about that every time I look at the pictures! In the end, no.3 was born too quickly for any of that but her advice about preparing the children was amazing. THANK you so much Shirley, I can't recommend you highly enough.

Pip Jackson:
This WONDERFUL lady helped prepare hubby and I for birth with a one day workshop in our own home. Even my hubby said “Shirley is the only person I’d trust in with Pip’s births.” And I say; “Next time, I’m DEFINITELY booking Shirley as my Doula!”
I HIGHLY recommend her unique and extraordinary special services. A woman of many talents, and a gift to our planet! ���� �
- prepping you for birth & relaxation
- help giving birth
- healing after birth

Caelia Hennekam:
I just had a Closing The Bones massage from Shirley, which included sound healing. It was a wonderful experience; Shirley had thought of everything and turned my living room into a little haven of calm and tranquility (quite a feat with my daughters' toys scattered everywhere!). I feel like a new woman! Thank you so much, Shirley ~ you are truly gifted in enriching peoples' lives, in all kinds of beautiful ways! C x

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