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Personal Introduction:

My name is Sophia; mother, partner, daughter, sister and friend behind The Intuitive Doula. I am a doula living in East Bristol with my partner of 13 years and two beautifully, strong-willed daughters. I am fascinated by women’s cycles and the power of our hormones when they dance together, especially during such a life altering event like childbirth.

My passion for pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester began during my first pregnancy, when I completely absorbed myself in learning about and trusting in the birth process. I welcomed birth, I felt capable and empowered. I have had two very different but both equally empowering births and I feel called to support women through such a poignant time in their lives.

I completed my training with Nurturing Birth in 2020 and I feel so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community. My goal is to arm you with the tools to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and birth, whether you are a first time parent or an experienced one.

For more information on the kind of support I provide, head over to my website.

Social Distancing Doula Preparation Course - Nurturing Birth
Pelvic Health Workshop for Doulas – Silvia Charepe Dias
Doulaing From A Distance – Penny Simpkin
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Completed Course:

“Sophia was absolutely amazing, she instantly put me at ease. She has a great energy around her and my intuition clicked she was right for us. On our first interview in person, it felt like we had just met a long lost friend.

Sophia offered several antenatal sessions that helped both mentally and physically through her knowledge. I cannot tell you how much her influence changed my outlook on birth and I went from being apprehensive to actually excited. She helped change our perspectives of birth, helped prepare for the physiological aspect, but the emotional aspects too.

Sophia spent hours and hours reassuring, guiding, taking me through the journey of motherhood offering reassurance, love and personal experiences. She is spirited, kind, empathetic, understanding and so much more. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else. She really did have OUR best interests at heart – not just mine.”

– Emily T, Birth Client

“From the moment Sophia walked through our front door I felt supported and able to relax. First-time parenthood during lockdown was overwhelming and isolating – throw in the newborn sleep deprivation and lack of self care, we were reaching breaking point. Sophia gave us the time and space to refill our own cups so that we could be the best parents possible to our son. Her loving & genuine demeanour instantly puts you at ease, and many times I felt like I was just talking to a friend. Our son always lit up when he saw Sophia, and we always knew the two of them had a wonderful time together.”

– Taylor S, Postnatal Client

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