Valentina Cesari

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Personal Introduction:

Birth and postnatal doula services in South East Wales.
Antenatal preparation for families.
Birth trauma support.
Hypnosis for birth.
Belly casts.

About me

I am very passionate about childbirth. It was after giving birth to my two first children that I truly understood how powerful giving birth is for a woman and how it can impact on the family life, in a positive or negative way. The birth of my third son, a home water birth after a caesarean section, has changed my life so radically I still cannot believe it!

It was this that inspired me to start my doula journey in 2011 and since then I dedicate myself to supporting women and their families.

I believe you can give birth in the unique way that is right for you, that’s why I empower you to investigate your wishes and to make your own decision. You me and your other birth partner are a team, you lead, I follow.

I won’t speak for you, but I can amplify your voice with mine; I won’t judge you, but I will be there, whatever your choices, to support you in the way you want.
I am committed to give you the best support possible and for this I regularly attend workshop and courses to improve the services I offer.

Currently other than my doula services I also support other doulas during their journey as a DUK and Nurturing Birth doula mentor and I am the DUK regional Representative for South-Mid Wales.

Nurturing Birth doula training 2012
I am a recognised Doula UK doula from 2013
Antenatal preparation 2012
Baby loss workshop 1012
Rebozo Workshop 2013
Self hypnosis for birth 2014
Homeopathy in pregancy and childbirth 2014
Aromatherapy and shiatsu massage in pregnancy 2015
When survivor give birth with Penny Simkin 2015
Water birth study day with Dianne Garland 2016
All Nurturing Birth doulas have completed our approved preparation course and adhere to the Nurturing Birth code of ethics.
Completed Course:

"Valentina supported me in giving birth to our second baby, and I found her to be calm, supportive, knowledgeable, kind and very reassuring. I was very grateful to have her at the birth and will always remember her holding my hand when I needed the reassurance. We were blessed with a very quick labour and successful VBAC and the whole experience was much more relaxed than the first birth. Would highly recommend."

"Valentina was our doula for our first born. Valentina is a natural giver and carer with whom we felt instantly comfortable with. Valentina was there for us throughout the entire journey. Her support before the birth left my husband and I feeling extremely empowered and supported in the build-up. Her presence at the birth was not only a support for me, she was a tower of strength for my husband. Even after our little girl was born Valentina continued to check-in on us and offer some well-neeeded practical help . I can’t recommend Valentina highly enough!"

"Valentina was our doula for our first born child and we would, without a doubt recommend her and also choose her again! She was a God send from the first meeting we had, with empathy and zeal for the known choices we had made, and full of sources and advice for choices we hadn't yet. Her genuine passion and care are exactly what an expectant woman/couple needs during that vulnerable but exciting journey. We praise God for her and are most greatful to have had her stewardship for the birth of our Son!" Mr&Mrs P

"Valentina was the 2nd birth partner for my wife with our first baby. She was with us in the difficult times, calmed and encouraged my wife and provided great support to me as well. She kept both of us going even after so many hours, and provided excellent expert support. I can't recommend her enough and we would definitely have her for our second one. Really really worth having her."

"Valentina helped me prepare for the birth of my second baby. She helped me think through my plans and decisions and she helped me feel empowered and supported. She was there alongside me through labour and beyond. I absolutely recommend Valentina as a caring, supportive doula who is passionate about helping women in the ways that are meaningful and personal to them."

"I'm so glad that I had Valentina as my doula, nothing could replace her caring and support.
She was there by my side as I prepared to have my baby and with me on the day he was born.
Leading up to his arrival, Valentina really helped me to mentally prepare for the birth of my second baby.
We talked through decision points and she helped me and my husband to make important decisions in a thoughtful way, always keeping our needs central to the process.
As I laboured, both Valentina and my husband were by my side.
With ultimate trust, I didn't even have to speak, Valentina just intuited my needs and helped to nurture me and support me throughout labour.
She is thoughtful, well informed, flexible and supportive."

"Valentina is without a doubt the most unconditionally compassionate person we have ever met. The support, love and encouragement she provided during our pregnancy was absolutely invaluable. She will love you, hold you and fight for you when you feel your most vunerable. Everything a Doula should be and more!"

"After hearing my friend's great experience with her Doula, I decided to have one for my second labour, as I felt I needed a female support with me who would not only sympathize with me but also would help my partner feel more relaxed and empowered, and this is exactly what happened with Valentina. She was so motivated on helping us on whatever we needed, she was there to answer any questions, she was key during my labour (a home water birth) in holding my hand when my partner couldn't do it, keeping a relaxed environment for me, and making sure to tell the midwives what my birth plan was, thanks to her my baby's cord wasn't clamped until it stopped beating! she was a lovely support until the end, she wouldn't leave us until she made sure we were fine, and... she made a lovely belly cast of my bump! I would have a Doula again for my third baby." C.D.

"I am the Mum of twin girls and Valentina comes and helps us out once a week in a postnatal capacity, she is friendly and reliable. Valentina is great with the girls, she is warm and calm, and isn't phased by there being two of them! She also helps out with domesic chores, which really lightens the load. I am entirely happy leaving the girls with her, while I have some time to myself. We all feel much calmer after she has been!" A.M.

"You made a really positive difference to my pregnancy and were invaluable during the birth of our son E. Thank you so much for everything!"

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