• Helen Bang

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    Category: Doula

    I am a Doula and a Post Natal Doula based in South East London. I would love to support you through the final stage of pregnancy, through birth and post natally. I have 2 teenagers which allows me to work flexible hours. I want to be here for you on your terms and to empower you and your family to make the choices that suit you best during this beautiful transition in your life.

  • Katinka Noack

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    Category: Doula

    Hi! I am a Nurturing birth and DTI mentored birth and post-natal Doula. Offering a variety of packages both birth and post-natally to tailor each families needs. I am passionate about the work I do – for me there’s simply nothing better than supporting women and families through this sacred time of theirs. Also as a wellbeing-practitioner, I have years and years of experience in working with families and babies.

  • Antonia Godber

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    I am a fully qualified IAIM baby massage instructor offering warm and welcoming baby massage classes from my home in Tooting.The IAIM massage course draws from both the Indian and Swedish massage traditions as well as incorporating principles from yoga and reflexology. Whilst the focus is on massaging infants, you will also learn how to massage older children, so your new skills will benefit you and your family for many years to come.

  • Jennie Roth

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    Category: Doula and Night Support

    I love this work because I love working with families – of every size, structure, and unique story. It is such an honor! I offer both birth doula services and post-natal services, including overnight support. Birth support includes 3 meetings before your birth, and 1 or more post natal visits. According to your desires, I combine my training in informal counselling, Reiki, massage, Rebozo, and nutritional therapy, and I can support you with labor positions, hip pressure, the birth ball, visualization, breathing exercises, vocalization, aromatherapy, acupressure, dance, and endless encouragement. This is all while keeping you hydrated, monitoring and protecting read more

  • Ruth Dennison

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    I am a Mentored Birth and Postnatal Doula who is passionate about expectant mums and their loved ones receiving the support, reassurance and empowerment they need to help achieve a better pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience.

  • Frankie Compton

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    Category: Doula

    I am a birth and a post-natal doula. I work in SW areas of London and also Kingston, New Malden, Worcester Park Raynes Park and Wimbledon. I like to work locally, especially with births, as I like to be able to see my ‘mums to be’ at the drop of a hat.

  • Maria Wright

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    Category: Doula

    I have always been passionate around my parenting and children. The bond I have with my children is deep and profound and has always left me in awe of pregnancy and parenthood and our connection to our children. I believe that the right environment throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum are crucial to a newborn and a families emotional, psychological and social set up for the future. Having the right support around you at this time can, and is, scientifically proven to have an immensely powerful, positive and empowering effect on the family, and that child as a whole. Birth Doula read more