When the postnatal period isn’t all rosy – a video blog

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June 6, 2020

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Postnatal doulas can be invaluable support to families, including when their birth didn’t go as planned. Postnatal doulas can offer practical help around the home, childcare and cooking or walking the dog (each postnatal doula has different offerings, so be very clear about what you need to see if this is something the doula does offer).

Postnatal doulas also offer emotional support, which can be invaluable even after the most beautiful, positive birth – but when things didn’t go so well, they can be a life-line.

Sophie, owner and facilitator of the doula training company Nurturing Birth, talks about working with two clients who didn’t experience the birth they hoped for and had difficult early days.  What are the challenges that come up – the change in expectations, the lack of time to process their experiences, the lack of professional support to listen.  That’s where the postnatal doula comes in – giving space, time and a listening ear …

If you want to know more about training as a postnatal doula then visit www.nurturingbirth.co.uk

If you would like to find a postnatal doula click here to visit the Nurturing Birth find a doula directory. The directory lists doulas all over the world and helps families to find the doula that’s right for them, no matter where they are.

Click here to watch Sophie’s video on unrealistic expectations in the postnatal period.

Author Headshot- Sophie
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