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September 4, 2020

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Sophie chats about birth plans after reading two very differing opinions about them recently.  What are your thoughts about birth plans – a good or a bad thing?  Does you feel that your birth plan empowers you to consider your options, or create unrealistic expectations? How can finding the right doula for you help you with your birth plan – and the birth you want?

Sophie reflects on Adam Kay’s book, ‘This is going to hurt’. Adam Kay writes about his experience with a woman who brought in a ‘9 page laminated birth plan’ and he was not surprised that her birth did not go, well, to plan. Are birth plans worthwhile? Should we even be trying to plan our births?

In this video plog, Sophie points out that “the power of a birth plan isn’t the actual plan, it’s the process of becoming educated about all your options.” This, of course, is where a doula comes in.

If you want to find a doula who will support you antenatally, help prepare a birth preferences/wishes and attend your birth then visit the Nurturing Birth Directory. The Nurturing Birth Find a Doula directory features doulas across the world, so no matter where you live you can find a doula who is local to you.

Click here to watch Sophie’s video on preparing for a baby in your life and your relationship.

Author Headshot- Sophie
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